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Another Reason (Song Lyrics) - Poem by jeffy awad

Never looking back never going away
Shes never gona live till anotherday
Fighting for her rights shes falling behind
She wishes she could live in a new life

(She sing why…………)

Turning around to another reason
Puling back tears but the clock it stays the same
(stays the same)
The lys don’t fill her anymore
The truth seams closer than be fore

And she trys to fight
But she falls agen
Shes faild agen
Hiding in a corner
Broken and shaterd a
pot that will never be closed
scream! y dose she tell me? !
Pushing it forward on and on
Ayhahaay! ! ! !

Lost in a new world brilliant colers
Then she starts to go to sleep
All nightmears that she can not fight
Shes going in alone. Loosing this fight

(she sings y)
Should I try
Cause im turning around to another reason
another sad record I have broken
the clock keeps turning and I cant stop
this spinning oh!

And y! should I try waking up to another failure
Y! should I listen
Uv completely fallen outa my head

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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