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Silver Star - 3,373 Points (04/17/1984 / Homa Lousiana)

(antisocial Poem) A Blockade To An Invasion - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Why is it they keep invading my dreams?
Watching every every move I make,
This is a soreness in everyday in which I wake.
Just give me a break.
Just leave me be.
Just let me live in peace.
What is it that you exactly want from me?

The destruction of the constitution in a declaration of war.
A society where I keep getting treated like a whore.
I want a god damn divorce.
A capitalistic dictatorship is not for me, NO, No! !
The snake has crawled up my leg and now it just won't let go.

Please someone just provide us with a simple escape.
We are the laughing stock of the entire world.
We are the embarrassment.
So let me apologizes for the things we've done.
Not a single politicians hands are clean.
Scrub the dirt and their is only more.
Layers upon layers of nothing but sludge.

Remembering all our faces.
Look for anything that looks even a little suspicious.
A paranoid government has been deployed.
With cameras as the spies.
And computer software that snoops.
Oh no they are gathering together.
So they must be the terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist.

A rigged election that means nothing.
So distracted we are by the bashing of each other.
That we don't notice they are ordering ammunition.
Hundreds of thousands of bullets that will kill.
A government so fearless that it leave the evidence sit right on it's homepage.
Right now are we are too worried about the right and left wing debate.

Come on now people just concentrate.
The party lines are all the same.
Nothing will ever change as long we are promoting the same old thing.
The corruption is higher then I can even see.
With thousands of lobbyist donating money constantly.
How is a little guy like me gonna ever get seen.
We don't, we won't for we are the people not the money makers, not the movers, not the earth shakers.

We just cast our stones and hope like David to hit the giant in the right spot.
Oh no we just pissed them off.
Made them angry enough to resort to violence.
They our now demanding our obedience.
As if we should worship them for allowing our meager existence of suffering.
We are not the elite but this does not mean we should back down or retreat.
We are here to take back what was once ours.
So come on lets spar.

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