Trey Colt

Architect - Poem by Trey Colt

Power flowing through skin, a porous medium that hampers nothing but touch
Teasing, the night's eye shows that which has been lost and denied
The irony that the dark would be contain with such bright light is not lost
He believes only divinity is a worthy offering, thus he begins his work
Hand upon hand, each drawing the other, love and hate begin to spawn a child
An experience, so deep that it can only be contained within budding space
A new cosmos, teaming with potential, birthed from the womb of infatuation
Images scream into being, no barriers to protect him from their damage
Forcing him to experience those sweet tainted moments that were once denied
The muse could bring a heat death to this plane, but she refuses to be a destroyer
Chaos from order, dark from light, an unstable world built by an amateur
Yet it is enough, a vastness worthy to be the birthplace of a moment
A moment based on a coveted event that can only occur when all is rewritten
A single blessed abstraction that powers this world like the sun powers ours
Acceptance of the impossible fuels her birth, and thus is the queen placed upon her throne
She is a goddess here, an entire universe as her playground, given purpose by her subject
As real as love, and as artificial as hate, does she rule her domain without free will
As suddenly as it begins, it ends, and he is torn from his work and his amour
His shrine must wait for more paint to be placed upon his palette
For an eternity, she waits for sweet lucidity to bring her fabricator back to her
But all the uninhibited power in this universe cannot make a fabrication real
As we are made in a god's image, is the goddess also made from an image
A goddess made by man, a man made by a god, neither knows the other exists
Her kingdom has inspiration, a single reason for it's being brought into existence
To house a love, untasted and forbidden, to govern a universe based on nothing
Which cradles a goddess who harbors the last joy of a withering mind
She bestows immortality onto him in this place, to never return to his world of origin
Yet her power originates from the muse, and never can she supersede
A fraction of her glory in fantasy then in reality, as unknown as his love is to it's wielder
A maelstrom of emotion, fueled by despair and governed by devotion
Unlimited potential but restrained by cruel fate
Only glimpsing at her longing architect.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 9, 2010

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