Are You Speeding? Poem by Jerry Pike

Jerry Pike

Harrow, London, England

Are You Speeding?

There’s an FBI style earpiece,
so you’re tuned straight in to god,
and your self importance rockets
as the world believes you’re shod
with those shoes Paul Simon sang of
and the sun shines out your blank,
but I’m smiling for the calls you get
are credit card and bank.
All the roads clog up with money
so you cannot spend or drive,
there are humps upon the tarmac
and a camera bills the live,
there’s a speed check flash
on midnight roads to fill the coffers high,
and the silent smile of TV
as you kiss your ass goodbye.
There are children dipped in gold and jewels,
with hi top baseball caps,
while their idols preach the book of guns,
and death and rape in raps.
Till the young run old into their graves
with mindless soap reprieve,
and our hands hold up to heaven’s cloud,
for what we’re to receive.
And that media promote what pays,
and kids rule by the knife,
inside copy cat dressed fairy tales
of some rich singers life.
The crush of import people swells,
but hey, this land can crash,
while distant politicians homes
use daylight robbers cash.
And shall we work from teen till death,
as tax becomes a craft,
that bones us neatly from out wealth
for happy ever aft.
There’s things we own, they’ve sold us back,
in shares, such lovely folk,
the railways, post, amenities,
still struggle on to cope,
and you may think I’m bitter,
No! I’m real ale, giss a bevy,
to tip the scales towards me now,
before I get too heavy,
and charm school ended in neglect,
with manners locked inside,
I watch with interest each year,
and choose a Russian bride.


Jerry Pike

Harrow, London, England
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