Friday, October 23, 2009

As A Friend Comments

Rating: 4.9

Can you tell me as a friend?
Where life starts and world end
May I fail to catch glimpse of beauty?
Will not everyone laugh at me with pity?


Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal
John Oconnell 05 March 2010

very human. it is certainly not 'wrong to offer solace and stand as rock'. john

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Unwritten Soul 27 February 2010

oh this poem make me think about life and is a good poem to feel everything that i have through...i love this

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Dulakshi Wakista 24 February 2010

well expressed.Very deep emotional poem.Indeed it's a great work.Thanks for sharing.

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Chitra - 01 December 2009

deep, of high emotional value...10+

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Yulissa Fregoso 29 November 2009

the emotions are felt a vrey amazing poem

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Ajith K Subramanian 20 November 2009

deep emotions.... a good one..

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Ezna Stephna 07 November 2009

Can you tell me as a friend where life starts and world end as a friend i tell you life starts when you recognizes yourself who you are in this beautiful world..... life is changelling without any strings tie its ends when you allow to ends it are very strong image poem that you sharing.......thank you 10+++

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Subbaraman N V 06 November 2009

When one learns to live with the realities of life, world and life will be worth living without any pains and pangs!

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Marieta Maglas 03 November 2009

Is the desire root cause of problem? Can any nation survive without its emblem? Is it not the earnest feeling and desire? Will we not be failing to praise and admire? very nice piece, wonderful rhymes 10++++++++++

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Eyan Desir 03 November 2009

Good job...well written

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Mohammed Hassan 02 November 2009

nicely written, very good thoughts and very perfect use of words keep it up

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Shamik Kumar Bose 02 November 2009

A great read, a beautiful verse. Lyrical. Great thoughts flow.10

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Nivrutti Avhad 02 November 2009

beautiful poem by you sir really nice

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Sahar Sahar 02 November 2009

An enjoyable and beautiful poem to read

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 01 November 2009

I enjoy reading this poem, as a friend truth must be told, and as a friend evrything is everything. Nicely composed.

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Louis Rams 31 October 2009

where life starts and world ends. a very good question. it will keep a persons mind awake.

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MKG F 31 October 2009

i like the feel of your poem. ;)

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Ken E Hall 31 October 2009

Inquisitive poem on the path of life very well done life has a different path for some only one thing is for sure the happiness is the duel in the crown to strive for +++++10 thanks for a great read regards

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Rafique Farooqi 31 October 2009

life is very difficult to explore, but i can know a lot from your is very beatiful and informative poem as always from you...........where the life starts and world ends, a huge question to be answered

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Subbaraman N V 30 October 2009

Great thoughts! Nice expression!

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