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As A Kid (Belonging Feels Good) - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Lo, bdellovibrio, broken yoke of wings
As a kid... thy say!
Oh rope the throat for...ME
Poster seed for
My case... was to bestow esteem
Back to reminscing
Why pray?
That's supposed to mean
Frivolous decisions
Not faith...
But that's before my 'teens'
I heard I wasn't capable of doing important things
Heard my life was disgusting
That I was born a...
Now when you hear this as a youngster
From adults... it's grief!
Plus I had to deal with the struggle
We were catching
She was sitting there hoping that a blessing fell
The only thing we'd receive was more...
Depressing mail
Seldom extra money to breath
We couldn't dress as well
I'd develop a scheme to finally be... somebody
I was young, dumb, and stupid and trying to
Be acknowledged...
Now as I look at and view it back I can see the problem
I just thought belonging was good
I wasn't thinking whopper
That was then... now is my LIFE
Now I'm pursuing
I don't think God would grudge us for what we do as babies
The ONLY thing that was rubbish was where we'd choose to STATION
You can't take the misery from them but they can choose to claim it
But I witness merciless monsters who want to see me fall
Yea... they can point out your blunders but they don't see the cause
Now I put this on my mother...
If I could freeze the ball
Go back to the heart of my bungles and don't repeat the faults
I would... but I couldn't... I tried
Your 'ammunition' for
You were looking for problems but that's a different story
Now I just laugh at my errors... they exist to form me
I don't have the habit of dwelling
That is unimportant
Bible verse...
Isaiah four three one eight is what I'm living
Pretty soon... we'd find a mistake to use against me
Why do we have our eyes on thy plate?
If we're condemning...
And we judge like our lives are in shape and paradisiacal
But that's fine though
'Cause time shows what's important to us
There's no need to repeat what leads to more confusion
Everything that I speak and preach is for the future
Let my life be viewed as a means to bring on war solutions
Show the world that God is the
And everybody falls
By your past blunders you are not defined at all
Look at me... you'd see a man of gain and not of loss
Anything that's happened in the past
I am not involved with...
Still always smiling while I'm counting my blessings

Satan, what'd you come up with next? Haha
You trying to use the past huh? Ole busta...
Hahahaha and I'm still progressing...

Topic(s) of this poem: truth

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