Bri Mar

'' As Intervention Is What God's Seem To Hate '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Life can be cruel and hard to bear,
You're dead a long time that's a fact,
Why do our Gods not make us aware?
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Comments about '' As Intervention Is What God's Seem To Hate '' by Bri Mar

  • Xelam Kan™ (12/22/2015 12:24:00 AM)

    It's not your field Mr.BRI, you're not made for it.
    But had done well, no doubt...
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  • Kassem Oude (12/26/2014 1:42:00 PM)

    Hi, I am so infatuated by your writings, either in style or in meanings. I am so glad that I had the occurrence my eyes fall on the last poem of yours which led me to all.
    I think you're and old friend of mine before I had seen you.
    Go on. Kassem Oude
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  • Bri Edwards (11/23/2013 10:46:00 AM)

    Your commandments you passed on to Moses,
    States all of them must be obeyed,
    This is autocracy and the question it poses,
    Is why isn't our loyalty repaid.

    ......................yes! of course i have NOT been loyal these past 40 years, so i guess i'll get 'what i deserve'! , if anything.

    Watching us die is not very smart,
    I bet you'd change things if it happened to you.

    ...........this is rather cute AND easy to say. watch your ass buster! ;)

    Then again you looked on as your own son died,
    You forsook him in his hour of need,

    ............when i DID go to church, i thought that was god's plan! hey, the son wasn't dead for long. what's a little cross hanging, thorn pricks, and spear jabs for one who will 'sit on the right hand' for eternity? they probably serve great meals to him, right where he sits. curry? ?

    [before i forget: in the title and near the start of this poem, i say you used a hyphen where you didn't want it and left one out where you wanted it. clue: god's/gods]

    That's a legitimate question to ask.........i missed the question mark.

    Watching your creations destroying for fun, ............destroying?

    it was the suffering of people, seemingly without godly intervention, AND my church's stance against 'evolution/Darwin's 'theory' which caused me to lose my faith. i'm not convinced from this poem that you ARE an unbeliever. i wonder. hmmmm? and it seems strange that sometimes you refer to God and sometimes to Gods. maybe you are trying to cover all the possibilities.
    i really enjoyed this reading and the rhyming was great. thanks for sharing. :) from another 'bri'
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