Thursday, October 25, 2012

As The Rain Hits The Leaves Comments

Rating: 4.8

With no inspiration or passion in heart
O, where is a person ever to start
With hardly a friend in this mysterious land
Is there hope for growth


Ray Quesada
Shaun Cronick 14 December 2020

Very well written and with a superb tell telling ending. Thanks for sharing and I wish you well. Full marks. Take care.

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Benjamin Sulle 24 September 2013

I loved this piece and have shared it on my facebook account. Hope you don't mind it. (Checc Real Wordz for comments my friends have left about it)

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R.benjamin Abate 09 April 2013

This is Great. I laughed out loud when I read the line Clouds pink as a Floyd you could bury your eyes in. This poem does speak to me though. I also like the line Is there hope for a bliss that can make one's soul dance. I've been feeling melancholic lately and this poem really hits home.

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Lyn Paul 13 December 2012

So much meaning, clever,10 and on my fave list. Really special thank you

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Ruby Honeytip 18 November 2012

There is a pull in this poem that just...won'! Luckily I don't want it to. I keep coming back.

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Amanda Laurent 03 November 2012

Clouds pink as a Floyd you could bury your eyes in God hides - Beauty is what he's disguised in My favorite lines, I love that you used a Pink Floyd reference! Very clever. I also like the perspective on time; truly a paradox. Very cool poem, gotta love those rainy, pensive days :)

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