Nicola Jane Dady

Rookie (21/10/1978 / London, United Kingdom)

August Riots 2011 - Poem by Nicola Jane Dady

I watch the news astounded
Fused tightly my butt to the chair
I just cannot believe the madness
Cant ignore or refuse to care

Its so gut wrenching to witness
All I seem to do is cry
I see hundreds of angry faces
And cant help but wonder why?

Ok, so we know how this all started
(When the police killed Mark)
But that's no reason for riots and looting
And if you believe that you are living in the dark

We are ruled by a corrupt government
Guided by the secretive monarch
And whist we are living in the "depression"
They're spending stolen tax money on cars

Police being paid to murder
Politicians committing fraud
And as we struggle to stay afloat
Them fuckers are chilling abroad.

The people are frustrated
And the tension suffocates
Murder sparked the riots
Now the fallen angels awake

It's almost like the people have been taken over possessed
As the evil in their faces and their actions strongly suggest

They burn down many buildings
Smash everything in sight
With no care or thought for anyone
In the middle of the night

All the shops are looted
Faces are filled with delight
They carry more than they can manage
And these people know wrong from right

On every news channel you see them
From the BBC to CNN
Like a big fucking advertisement
Encouraging the yobs to do it again

So from one area to another
The malignity it spreads
And as we fear for our lives
Royals and government officials are tucked up in bed

Some say that it's a conspiracy
The ‘New World Order' in affect
The plan of the illuminati
To trick then dominate and oppress

I don't know if there is any truth in it
Right now anything is easy to believe
As I observe this corner of our world
As it weeps like a wound that bleeds

Nicola Dady Aug 2011

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