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Avoiding Reality? - Poem by Imbacrs ()()

Petro dollars running scared
Euro shouting to be heard
One World Currency others say
Iran's Bourse, Dollars decay
This is why Iran will pay

World Company (L) (T) (D)
Bilderberg's new conspiracy?
Break currencies hold on world trade
Destroy Dollars game, it is now played
Hanging thread already frayed

Resources wilt as population gains
Warterless regions, arid plains
Gas and Oil peaked and gone
People with less almost none
Victims of the massive con

Who wins when losses flood our lands
Black Nobel's with rubbing hands
Anticipating Downfalls due
Expanding coffers their gold accrue
Hedging derivatives will come through

Blind eyes alert living today
No future thoughts make now hay
To islands flee elitests hoardes
Toiling masses tread the boards
Screaming out to their lords

Self sufficient, the rich become
Living apart there own fifedom
Is it safe for eternity
Hiding from normality
Sheltered by fraternity

Can you believe the poor wont seek
The horrors to come we will not speak
Believe only this when all is gone
Do not think you will live on
You ride deaths highway, signed..anon

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 21, 2011

Poem Edited: Saturday, May 21, 2011

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