Baby Don't Cry Poem by Simone Harriman

Baby Don't Cry

Baby, it's cold outside
Your rivers and tears have turned to ice
Know this is the glacial end
The sun will never warm
Your forests and fields again

Baby, I speak to you through dreams
In the long days of night
With your dead poets
Exhumed from my pocket
With a chimaera of babbling prophets
And a troop of tearful soldiers

Baby all your innocence died
As lip-service words of peace were spoken
Tongues blowing in the wind
Across deserts and pollution
Such sad symposiums
Spoken so earnestly to token nodding

Baby, I had listened
To those you needed most
Casting long solemn shadows on your hope
The oceans, forests and mountains
They tearfully tell me you loved them
How bravely you fought for them
And know you have suffered deeply
From monsters and madness

Baby don't cry
Look heavenward one last time
Gravity is working against us
Soon we will drift with our dross
In the throes of death
Flotsam and jetsam
We will go shivering in the night

Monday, August 14, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: apocalypse,death,greed
Mj Lemon 15 August 2017

Words between lovers, an awareness of a loss of innocence, the well wishes to and for someone who has given up on this mortal much to take away from this gem, Simone. This one goes on my favourites list.

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Valsa George 16 August 2017

They only heard the grind of chainsaws And explosions of mayhem And suffered deeply from greed Of your monsters and madmen All around we see the flames of rebellion and hear the roar of guns and missiles, also the dying cries of helpless souls. With shock, we notice the engulfing darkness quickly swallowing us. There isn't anything to feel comforted. Unfortunately man is man's biggest enemy and his escalating greed spells Nature's doom. This poem is a foreboding of what is to come and the poet warns the baby not to expect much in this hostile world. Powerful diction, Simone! Top marks!

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Unwritten Soul 15 August 2017

I love how persuasive baby dont cry at every first line at almost every stanza, plus i like the knot words that spell truth but subtle, it done with wonderful touch :) Well done Simone, thats how emotion inspired poetry!

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Michael Walker 23 July 2018

One of your best poems, without doubt. It has both personal and universal application.

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Loke Kok Yee 03 January 2018

This is a truly great poem and perfectly written. A poetic masterpiece and I love it. Thanks Inez

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Jette Blackstone 07 November 2017

Wow! These are monumental images of an impending apocolypse with the speaker imploring 'baby' aka Mother Earth, not to Cry. Global warming and melt will hasten our end. Well conceived and written Simone. Thanks for sharing.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 12 September 2017

Your rivers and tears have turned to ice with the perception of glacial ice. You do not cry anymore. Suffering deeply in greed provokes thought. Look heavenward one last time. Gravity is working against us. An amazing poem is wisely penned on death and greed topics.10

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Norah Tunney 22 August 2017

Magnificent poem Simone You speak from the heart and it is a kindness to warn the coming generation I feel it personally and universally this that is coming on a chill wind Simone You are a seer poet-wise and kind but who is listening? A handful of mystics, poets and dreamers And yet there is something in us that still hopes for a John Lennon Imagine world. I love the stars too much to be scared of the night. Thank you for this Powerful poem as Susan so perfectly described which it was poem of the day

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