Friday, January 3, 2003

Badger Comments

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The badger grunting on his woodland track
With shaggy hide and sharp nose scrowed with black
Roots in the bushes and the woods, and makes
A great high burrow in the ferns and brakes.


John Clare
Adam Turner 06 March 2018

And this from a rural poet who began by etching charcoal into tree bark.

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Kim Barney 28 May 2015

Does the SPCA know about this poem? It should be banned by all animal lovers everywhere.

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Adam Turner 06 March 2018

Actually, the men who are abusing the animal in this poem are unsympathetic, while the badger, the animal being abused, is admired in this poem. So I would think nothing could be further from the truth.

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I P Freely 30 March 2018

The fact youre so dense as to think that the SPCA even needs to know about this poem from nearly 200 years ago as if they will be able to do something to erase the name of John Clare makes me hope youre kidding. Learn to understand a poem before you make your comments! I realize this comment is about 3 years too late but I could not let this go. Shame on you for making every person who's read your comment in the last two odd years slightly dumber for reading it.

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Patrick Ladbrooke 17 August 2006

A savage poem that I am sure tells it how it was.

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Kevin Lister 02 June 2006

I love this poem, and used to read it to my kids when they were young. It made an incredible impression on them and they asked for it now,10 years later. It is a great portrayal of a tragically courageous struggle against an overwhelming evil opposition.

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