Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bare Trees, Poem On Nature Comments

Rating: 5.0

Fracture lines cut in a bleak sky,
Stripped bare across the countryside,
Shadows of what they used to be,
Silhouetted so beautifully,


Christian Lacdael
Ramesh Rai 15 October 2013

a great write a great poem loved your ink

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Dawn Lambert 28 December 2012

I see such a beautiful scenery great image! ! !

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Payal Parande 25 December 2012

brilliant write...the concept the description perfectly done...beautiful work sir thank you for sharing

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Jennifer Gonzalez 24 December 2012

This poem is perfect. The best I've read so far, its just the fact that its so different and not commonly like. Your poem isn't of the obvious like others. Its great seeing some unique work~

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