Bartender Please Poem by Tex T Sarnie

Bartender Please

Rating: 5.0

Another three fingers of Red Eye
and keep them coming until I say goodbye.
Bartender don't walk past without filling my glass
with those three huge fingers of Red Eye.

They keep going down
and I don't really know why
so just keep them coming
those three fingers of Red Eye.

Bartender they're taking their time
to arrive at the right spot,
you know, that place in the brain box
that makes you feel good a lot.

Bartender, if you're getting tired
of coming back and forward
Just leave the bottle with me
It'll make life less awkward.

I know the bottle costs more
but who's paying me or you?
Just leave the bottle here
and I'll pay you what's due.

Bartender, where's the toilets?
I've got let some out.
Don't worry I won't get lost,
If I do I'll give you a shout.

Bartender where's the exit door?
My eyes won't focus properly.
Someone must have moved it
to keep me here indefinitely.

Which direction do I go
when I get outside the bar?
Is the bus station left or right
and is it very far?

Bartender, I'll tell you what
phone me a taxi instead.
It'll get me home much quicker.
I'm tired and want to go to bed.

Saturday, November 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Dave Walker 03 November 2018

We've all been in this situation at some point, then you wake up with one mighty headache thinking what did I do last night, how did I get home, you say never again, then before you know it you're Shouting bartender. A great write.

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