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Be Gone - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

Yes, I wrote this song.
With a promise broken be gone.

I can still hear the tune so stuck in my head.
It brings life into parts of me that were so dead.
Mentally, as well as physically.

Going through the motions.
Even a zombie has his good days.
And I most certainly celebrate them.
Each and everyone most precious.

Yes I wrote this song.
With a promise broken be gone.

I have felt the angels kiss.
It reminds me of the forgotten.
Everything must have a reason.
It is how the world works.

Discovering my own abandonment.
Quietly he went away and we just don't understand.
Under the order of the law.
Rebel with obligation, to child you call your own.
Fight till very last dying breath.
With handcuffs your dragged away.

Yes I wrote this song.
With a promise broken be gone.

You tried, but still have failed.
To breath you must first exhale.
It is no good to hold it all in.
A bottled up bomb.
Light a match, light the fuse, and just run.

Don't ever look back.
For the sight you see will not be any fun.
A turning of the stomach.
A hate for what hes done.

Yes I wrote this song.
With a promise broken be gone.

Yes I wrote this song.
So just be gone.

Memories that eat at the deepest part of the soul.
That make us the vilest creatures in the world.
A women rights as far a child goes, completely out extend a mans.

The name father, is synonym not for care giver, financial provider.
By whatever means it doesn't matter.
Sell your self like a hooker the state still doesn't care.
As long as they can collect.

The name mother, stands not for care giver, but property owner.
An adoption given with a financial incentive.
Name a price I'm sure somewhere you can find it.

I know some will find what I say offensive.
But I don't care about popularity.
I was a child, I was a property, and I was a weapon.
Hit them below the belt, hit them where it truly hurts.
And then the love is evenly dispersed?
But to whom?

Yes I wrote this song.
With a promise broken be gone.

As if a promise we can forever keep.
A definite promise is not the one written in stone.
But the one written from the heart.

Even when a family is being torn apart.
Once a home is broken, does it make any less home?
Sometimes it does.
Sometimes it hurts to even see those pictures.

And they say picture says thousand words.
Only two come to mind.
Just faking it.
The perfect family hidden behind those dark glasses of abuse.
Notice everyone is smiling.
Not single true emotion.
In truth they just had huge fight, and the breakup, the divorce, the fight over the kid, the fight for child support, then finally the adoption.

Yes I wrote this song.
With a promise broken be gone.

With a promise broken just be gone.

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