Monday, January 13, 2003

Be Kind Comments

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we are always asked
to understand the other person's
no matter how


Charles Bukowski

Amazing poetic expression.

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Dr Antony Theodore 30 October 2020

they have aged badly because they have lived out of focus, they have refused to see. yes many refuse to see the truth. tony

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 September 2020

one is asked to view their total error their life-waste with kindliness, a fine thinking. tony

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Smoky Hoss 25 December 2019

I wonder if Bukowski felt that writing this poem, amongst so many others, was a crime or a waste...

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David 27 August 2019

OH SHl..... This man ruthlessly lit garbage moral customs on fire 50 years ago in the name of truth and withdrawal. It’s not beautiful like a flower, it’s beautiful like cold justice.

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Mahtab Bangalee 21 March 2019

excellent poetic expression- age is no crime but the shame of a deliberately wasted life....//

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Britte Ninad 10 August 2018

so interesting poem and asking- not their fault? whose fault? mine? .............

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Lily Ives 04 July 2018

10 out of 10. Straight on target and raw. Although I do believe you can still exercise compassion, but you don't need to understand them to be able to cultivate it.

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Kiran Pillai 30 May 2018

Age..... I get a little bit of it. Age gracefully or you yourself may fall out of grace. Beautiful

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Mizzy ........ 10 September 2016

No messing with this man.....

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Enoch John 10 May 2016

quite frank i guess as Bukowski is apt to be!

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Raymond Farrell 08 April 2016

I am over 60 myself and as the population is aging I encounter more and more useless people who have wasted their lives and upon getting old someone seem to demand respect and I refuse to give it unless it is deserved

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Thomas Case 01 December 2015

very's like a hammer.....respect the aged they say...kindness is one thing.......admiration is another, Bukowski is the most unpretentious poet I've ever read.

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M Asim Nehal 02 October 2015

Straight poem, it is like dart straight on target, Well written.

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Dan Lee 02 November 2014

How true that we are ironically asked to be kind while people are living lives that are unexamined and dictated by herds that lead to nothingness. Bukowski cuts through things with honesty and without pretense.

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Rebecca Lytle 01 May 2014

Thadious Worthington: You have lived your life out of focus and are foolish. You are also yucky. Please go away and take your teeny-bopper like angst with you, you are neither amusing nor thought-provoking. In fact, I am sure that reading your comment has actually sucked some of the thoughts out of my brain. Thank God they weren't very good ones.

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Thadious Worthington 02 December 2013

This is the judgmental nonsense that I have heard from alcoholics. They are all fearful of being judged but never pass up a chance to do the judging themselves. Who is anyone to determine that you lived out of focus or are foolish. Yuck.

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Sherry Campeau 01 August 2013

I love this man...wish he was still writing

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like flying 24 October 2009

everything he writes is just so simply true.

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Roger Cornish 04 October 2008

Bukowski.....The most under rated poet of the 20th Century..... True. Only the level of alianation he experienced can produce that kind of spirit.

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