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Have you ever seen an eagle eying its pray
or a pidgin wondering what he’s gonna do today
a stubborn wood pecker going at that tree trunk
or a ugly swan alone in the park pound

have you ever seen an owls eyes glowing
or watched a peacocks feathers whiles their showing
a parrot who can repeat someone else
or a humming bird singing to himself

be yourself, be that me
soaring threw the world, doing your thing
show us what you’ve got inside don’t try and hide
Like an ostrich in the sand, on land forever
Don’t copy him or her be your own bird

Light your own fire, be your own designer
Show us what you’re made of, be creative
Don’t copy him or her, be your own bird

Hey ho what do you know, I’m flying so low
Spreading those wings I found on my own shoulders
Open up those feathers their good, anywhere you go
You’ve got independence use it on the road
Step of that cliff and you’ll start soaring
No one can stop you, use your own courage

It’s not easy, to find your own specie
You don’t what to hear it, but you’ve got your own spirit
Don’t copy him or her, be your own bird
So take my word be your own bird

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poem Edited: Friday, July 22, 2011

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