Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beautiful You Comments

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Your beautiful heart,
And beautiful soul
And beautiful mind
Make a beautiful you,


Walterrean Salley

One candle lighting a another Spreading warmth and the light Sister to sister, brother to brother A world of love, of joy and delight.............

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Walterrean Salley 06 July 2012

At Joseph and Captain Cur, You make me feel 'bruuuteeefilll.' Thank you very much.

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Joseph Anderson 31 May 2012

Thoughts to linger on.I believe this would be a fitting description of you.A precious thought

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Captain Cur 29 May 2012

A beautiful poem from a beautiful soul. Don't tell my shipmates I'm an old softie.

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Lawrence H 16 March 2012

Yes, i do agreed with you. How about beautiful behaviour and attitude? perhaps add some more lines as follows: Good attitude make you graceful and beautiful, You're always beautiful within Elegance speech make you wonderful,

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