Beauty In Darkness

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In nights existence I live in distorted felicity,
Where I can spread my wings and be free,
In an isolated realm where sunlight halts glee,
The creature of the night, I spread my wings and become free,
Free from pain, fury, anger, and despair,
Free to escape the world around me that isn’t fair,
When the sun goes down I’m the Phoenix that rises from ash,
In my mind is where reality and dream crash,
So I spread my wings and explore the cruel world in a dream,
My eyes see what no one else can see, something unreal is what it seems,
Beauty in darkness, and happiness under the cold moon,
Isolation from evil of the awaken, I’m forever immune,
A constant escape from the light that projects fear,
The daytime surrounded by society around me, near,
Where in the shadows of night, I consider my salvation,
Where the sun beams down on humankind, devastation,
But am I the only one who finds beauty in the night?
Is society poisoned in believing darkness is correlated with fright?
Something of brainwashed false color theory,
A typical label that drowns my mind with confusion and makes me weary,
Some label it as anti-social, I label it as escape,
Doctors label it as a malfunction in the biological clock, I label as the key to open a closed lock,
A closed lock behind the door the separates reality and a dream,
The locked door where I sleep and unconsciously develop my scheme,
M y scheme for the ultimate escape, to find the heavenly estate,
The heavenly estate closer to being isolated in night,
Opposed to sunlight surrounded by humans of spite,
But without an open mind no one would understand,
Why light is nonexistent to me and how I can withstand,
Withstand the beauty of the moon and isolation of man,
In the darkness is where a spider can spin the most beautiful web,
In the darkness is where I’m all alone to escape cruelty and dread,
But can heaven be correlated with the beauty of the night?
Or will nightfall forever be correlated with sin and spite?
With a closed mind the world will never know,
What is feels like to experience darkness all alone.
Saturday, May 8, 2010

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