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Bedroom Slave - Poem by IBRAHIM SUMAYYA

Ibrahim Sumayya

Bedroom Slave

Today has not started out real well
With harsh thoughts rushing through my head
What was wrong with me all that time
I already felt like a fool at this
My heart stopped for a moment
No matter how many breathes I took
Still couldn’t breathe
My mind raced so wildly
Everything exploding in a thousand pieces
The more I thought about the more
Reality sunk in that I was really into this silly fake dream
I thought I knew you well but I didn't
I thought it was too good to be true
You had a face that you hid away in the light
You made yourself look perfect in every way
I was human when we were in bed
All wrapped up in me inside the blankets
Flattering me with the sweetest words
Your innermost need was to use me
I was just your sex slave
I just didn't understand why you were different
when everyone was around
You walked around like you didn't know me
Never saw me as the one to hold your hand
You treated me like a monster
Were you scared to let the world know it was me?
I was a fool to plant bananas on a mountain
I can't believe I wasted all that time
Trying to start something between us
Dark clouds always gathered around me
All those years I felt so unworthy
Unwanted and madly stupid
You're the only one responsible to take the blame
You'll never amount to anything
For treating me like I shame you
I don't need this life
I'm sorry I can't clean up your mess

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