Gordon Jerome

Beginings 'Lasso Lou' - Poem by Gordon Jerome

Years ago on a wild Texas plain
In the midst of a driving freezing rain
With the sun setting low and the moon climbing high
Like a roaring thunder came a newborns cry
Its voice echoed back off of every hill
And they say to this day you can hear it still
For on that day was born a cowhand true
That goes by the name of Lasso Lou
He learned to rope before he could talk
And could ride a horse before he could walk
He had saddle soars before he was two
But you never heard a whimper out of Lasso Lou
He grew like a ragweed tall and thin
Bigger than most with a right square chin
He cut his first teeth on a chaw of chew
And was weaned on redeye that was Lasso Lou
Stories say that at the tender age of five
Lasso Lou signed on for his first cattle drive
Now Lou’s drove cattle over near every trail
From the deepest south to the northern most rail
They say he earned his name down Santa Fe way
When a stampeding herd hit town one day
Seems Lou had rode in just to get him a beer
When his horse was cut off by the lead wild steer
Now nothing comes between Ole Lou and his drink
So he roped that steer before you could blink
The fight was on when his lasso hit that steer
With no tellin the winner till all the dust did clear
But that herd had stopped cold out front the saloon
With Lou drinkin beer and eating steak come noon
So remember if you’re down around Santa Fe
And you find your in a thirsty cowhands way
You might step aside and let him pass on through
Cause it just might be Ole Lasso Lou.
“closing thought”
If you hold your course you’ll seldom fail
And in the end you're often bound to prevail

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, August 20, 2010

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