Kerrie Maurer

Being Heard Not Being Here - Poem by Kerrie Maurer

After all the distrust
All the pain
All the beating and isolation
I meet you
I told myself ill never open up again
As each time I do I'm hurt
You told me I can open up
I can trust you
That your different
You'll never give up on me
You show it most of the time
You've proven you can withstand it
Your life was threatened an still you stood
But it comes to be now your gone
You say your always here for me
You'll be here when I need you
These past few weeks say otherwise
I needed you by my side
I cried terrified and alone
Lost and unsure
I call and get it'll be ok
That you can do this
Everytime your desperately needed
Everytime I really need you here your not
You call later again to say I'm here for you
Ill never give up I'll always be here
Anytime you need me
No your not calling isn't being here
You can't always call
I can't always call
Calling is not always helpful
Yeah we talk for hours if you call
Then what we hang up
It doesnt make me better
I need a person here
To dry my tears to cry with me
To hold me when the world is crashing
Your not here anymore
Your a voice I keep hearing
Your not here your being heard
There's a difference

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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