Bipolar Monday Bender

i cocked it on friday
and admitted i had a problem
drug's they thought, but how wrong
well drug's in another sense
if i were to be healthy i wouldn't have all this
all this in my head
and how boring it all would be
one green pill, one white
and it's alright
sometimes i take myself off my med's to see how long i can go
and then i cock it
usually after a drinking binge, when i lose the plot
it's only cos i'm so utterly bored right now
i tell them to chill, i'm all good
green and white
yeah, yeah, yeah
otherwise i'd be one hell of a sight
but they still think i do drug's
dumb asses

David Gerardino 10 September 2006

i cocked it on friday, i know this oh so well, , , , , , , , , , , , , , and MEDS, , , , , , , , , , , or sleeping pills...........................great poem.

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Aimee-leigh Olsen 04 June 2006

Ahhh but they haven't seen you when you're off the meds have they? ? ? just kidding ;) I love you man, you are one of the most profound people I have ever had the pleasure of befriending.

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G. Murdock 29 December 2005

I enjoy your voice. Your way too savy for your captors. There's something dread real in all this. The clinical approach to your condition which is not at all what you know it is. You go along with it because they are giving you drugs which are 'legitimate' and at the same time they are accusing you of using illicit drugs. The hypocracy of drug debate is not covered in prescriptions.

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Dana Bernier 28 November 2005

i love this..completely on my level. very good and such a great point.

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