Black Satin Bra

Wearing a black satin bra,
With the Romford version of high quality,
Silver, encrusted with
Guised diamonds, a jewel heart lay hanging from the bra,
Revealing her pushed up cleavage.

Her stomach was pierced,
Here another jewel this time, silver flowers,
Dangled from her ironing board like stomach.

Her phone pressed up against her sun kissed cheek,
‘Don’t be long, Im waiting for you’
Sweeping her black, though recently reddened hair
Away from her shoulders, she felt excited.

Stoking up her leg, she checked for skin abnormalities,
But alas only a freckle was to be found.
Legs long, slender, eyes deep,
Surrounded by her illustrious dark eyeliner
Nails shortened as he complained of scratches.

He hung up, though she could here him opening
His street door as he did.
‘Wont be long’ she murmured.

Within what seemed the same minute
The door rang,
She sat up, adjusting the suspenders
Attached to her French styled knickers
She got up.

The anticipation was over,
Her lover had arrived,
With barely a head nod,
She was slammed up against the wall.

Running his hand through her hair,
While the other on the lower of her back,
She felt him grow,
That hand on her back had made
It’s self deep into her knickers.

Slowly reaching into his jeans,
With a hint of hesitation, she pulled her hand back,
This time was about her.
She chose not to touch such an instrument with her hand,
Nor to become face to face to it.

Though she longed to be made love to,
‘Next time will be different’
Though that thought ran
Through her mind every time

Unzipped, he entered her,
The sudden rush made her moan,
Though not always in pleasure.

‘Easy boy’ she whispered.
Wrapping her legs around his waist.
For better support.

Each press made her moan,
Her lip was sore, from biting it.
His breathing was getting heavier,
Whilst each press got harder.

Thoughts and feelings ran through the girl’s body,
Making her thrash her head from side to side,
Every other minute came an overwhelming sensation,
Making it impossible for her not to scream.

What seemed a lifetime
Was over in a matter of minutes,
She felt him surge, and for moment
They were fused as one.

Both taking a deep breath,
He withdrew,
He kissed her deeply.

Though just as futile and meaningless
As the synthetic jewel on her bra,
She found it hard,
Not to relate that jewel,
To such an experience.
Saturday, September 9, 2006
nice poem i like very sexual
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