Blackpool Memories Poem by Phil Soar

Blackpool Memories

Rating: 3.8

Neon lights across the promenade
A mile of flashing bulbs light up the town
It's Blackpool, where early memories were made
Though now I cannot stand its northern crown

My childhood autumn breaks were spent up there
Dodging wind and rain and howling gales
Parents dragging children everywhere
Spending money like no-one really cared

Arcades taking money from our pockets
The Circus in the Tower was a must
Cheap and nasty gifts of jewels and lockets
Sellers on the prom you couldn't trust

Fortune tellers every other yard
The Pleasure beach and all its rides and stalls
Smiling all the day was not too hard
The seagulls and the squawking and the calls

Eating fish and chips along the pier
Dodging floating stools and Diarrhoea
Donkey rides along the miles of sand
Walking down the prom all hand in hand

When I was just a boy, it seemed so great
Searching for the Tower, you couldn't wait
Enjoying Blackpool trips as a yearly treat
But now I wouldn't walk down Blackpool streets

Nothing against the joy I had back then
Every flipping year from two to ten
They are memories I think of now and then
A childhood memory from way back when

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nostalgia
Karl Mcareavey 21 May 2015

Nice words Phil, its nice to reminisce of good times gone by but its not always a good idea to go back to some places, my mum used to say.... there's no roads into the past.... keep up the good writing

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Shabeeh Haider 30 October 2014

Childhood memories captured in an awesome way. A wonderful poem. Do read my poems and send me feedback

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Gajanan Mishra 30 October 2014

childhood memory way back, thanks.

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