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Blaze The Anti Christ - Poem by Leland Wright

A fireball explodes with God-like force
Signaling the damnation of another soul
Screams of pain and torture ring throughout the cavernous halls
The famed lake of fire seems hotter and more impassioned then ever before
Hell is far from being frozen
Just beyond the dark abyss of an eternally barren wasteland, lay Blaze’s Citadel
He sat upon the highest tower, looming over all in the Underworld
Blaze is what the Satan hope to be
Blaze is inside all of us embody in are soul
He uses your own fears to his advantage
Making you do things that God opposes
And only the strong can channel him out
Angels all looks down upon Blaze in sadness
Everyone incarnated in evil or has become evil
Once were good even great
Only the will you have inside you can channel this building force
Then you will have full control over your actions
In fact his impact has yet to be fulfilled
He wants to enslave you with his belief
Teach you the wrong and shit on the light
Only you have the power to fight
Rebel against your inner demon
Inside it feeds of sins
Only a cross a symbol
Of livid rituals of faith and light
Flow with Christ at the end of the tunnel
Flowing with the wind like a kite

Comments about Blaze The Anti Christ by Leland Wright

  • Anthony Williams (6/17/2009 8:16:00 PM)

    It's amazing, i like how vivid it was, I felt spiritual reading this too like you were a writer back in the 1800s. The poem is really creative. (Report)Reply

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  • Joseph Poewhit (5/1/2009 6:22:00 AM)

    A person must put on the armour of GOD in fighting Satan in this world. JESUS is the doorway to GOD. JESUS is only the son but a part of GOD. (Report)Reply

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  • Dr Hitesh Sheth (4/23/2009 11:01:00 PM)

    Teach you the wrong and shit on the light...................what a line..........shit on light.............Blessed be the name of Christ blessed be his Prophet...............Good Write.........I am pasting my poem that I wrote about Satan.....

    The Rebel Angel, 'Satan'

    Yes I am rebel angel Iblis
    with my invincible code triple six.
    Like a robot rebelling against his master
    I have revolted against my heavenly father.
    We have unbridgeable difference of opinion,
    about, leading the world towards joy, Dionysian.
    He maims and kills for Bacchic thrills
    without realizing that even a puppet feels.
    Like a bloodthirsty spectator in theatre
    he applauds mayhem and massacre.
    My contempt for his sadistic ways and means
    compels me for attempts umpteen.

    But now I have to out-maneuver him
    and behead his blood clad fancies and whims.
    My righteous blitzkriegs will last till my last breath
    and I will not cow down by his sinister threats.
    Let the whole universe stand against me
    but I will neither bow nor flee.
    Unmindful of death, I fight without plan
    because I belong to a valiant clan
    for which disgrace is worse than death
    and the greatest insult is to bow the head.
    Like his Seraphic Angels, I don't beg for power
    and am too proud to be fed on his leftover.
    Mephistophelean gods may sell their souls for silver
    but I hate their yearning for wanton pleasures.

    I too want to lead tortured world towards joy:
    Joy that is pure, joy unalloyed,
    Elysian joy of nothingness,
    Epicurean Joy of sleep dreamless.
    My nay to ephemeral aught.
    My aye to eternal naught.
    There will be hara-kiri of soul immortal
    and complete dissolution into nihil eternal.
    There will be cessation of pleasure and pain
    and freedom from loss and gain.

    Even my defection might have engineered by him
    to work out his inscrutable grand scheme.
    But still I would fearlessly play my assigned role
    so to end this worldly anguish and dole.
    My Sisyphean Kamikazes may fail
    and I may be thrown in eternal jail.
    I know there will be gnashing of jaws,
    and my meat would be eaten raw;
    My skin may be sheared by his saw,
    for breaking his satanic tyrannous laws;
    My vitals may be gnawed by his claws,
    for blatantly exposing his sanguine hued flaws.
    But I have inherited his sole good trait,
    to tread fearlessly on path straight.

    Even if you consider me as an evil
    Still I am product of his own sweet will.
    I Lucifer, am misunderstood by all
    And blamed for child’s slip to prophet’s fall.
    Now this poor devil Iblis
    is caught between Scylla and Charybdis
    of the evil lord and his henchmen
    and is damned by his apostles and God men
    But, Uncompanioned I will fighting against him
    and thus drink hemlock full up to the brim.

    Yes I am fighting losing lonely battle
    and trying to threaten him with childish prattle.
    But If I win, world will merge in black hole
    If I lose, there will be end of my role.
    I know, in Armageddon, I may get perished
    but this defeat, I will forever cherish


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  • The Young Phenomenon CJ Wright (4/16/2009 12:31:00 AM)

    Had to look back at one of first poems...i knew you would be good when i first read this (Report)Reply

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  • Tyease CollinsTyease Collins (10/13/2008 4:51:00 PM)

    Dark...very dark and i like it.....Excellent


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