Rating: 3.4

clothed in chauvinism
indelible tie and crisp

fettered to femininity
aura of affection dipped
in spring

he is drinking gin.
but do not summon experts
for he

cradles it,
albeit caustic concerns
to his promiscuous health.

she is drawing cigs.
but do not evince a heed
for she

enjoys them,
despite vile detriments
to her guileless verdure.

gin with tonic blend
nicotine breaths:

Melvina Germain 26 August 2006

You paint a very dismal existence, great poem----Melvina

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Seán O' Muiriosa 15 July 2006

I have to say I agree with William, these people simply come alive here. As well as that the words seem to flow so effortlessly, they just seem right. I can find no fault with what I'm reading. All the best, Seán

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Uriah Hamilton 21 June 2006

A true blend of careful words, art and simple truth.

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Duncan Wyllie 17 June 2006

This says so much more about the charactor of the person rather then just their habits a great piece Love Duncan x

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Will Barber 16 June 2006

Sheer genius. The images transform the mundane into the surreal. Particularly liked the references to gin and nicotine. So poetic. I admire this work.

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Shayne M 11 February 2008

! ! ! ! PROPS! ! ! ! That's Magnificent...!

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James Niles 09 September 2007

Do you smoke cigars well now stop it will kill me how will you meet me

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Robert Howard 07 February 2007

Wow! This reads like a masquerade ball guardedly danced under medication of alcohol and nicotine sedatives.

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Foster Blaine 15 September 2006

great flow to this one. the juxtaposition of the characters is seamless.

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Brian Dorn 05 September 2006

Sus, interesting 'blend' of scenery and characters mixed to form an intriguing ambiance. Well done! ! Brian

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