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Blow, Northern Wind

Blow, northerne wynd,
Send thou me my suetyng!
Blow, northerne wynd,
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  • Fabrizio FrosiniFabrizio Frosini (2/14/2016 6:30:00 PM)

    Middle English lyrics are short poems, almost all anonymous, written in English during the 13th,14th and early 15th centuries. Their themes are generally love, nature or religious devotion.

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  • Fabrizio FrosiniFabrizio Frosini (2/14/2016 6:26:00 PM)

    1 Ichot: Ich wot, I know (of) .
    1b burde: maiden.
    1c boure bryht: bright bower.
    2 fully semly... syht: very pleasing to sight.
    3 menskful: worshipful.
    4 feir: fair.
    5 fonde: deal with.
    6 wurhliche: worthy.
    7 won: multitude.
    8 y nuste: I knew not.
    9 lussomore in londe: lovelier on earth.
    10 suetyng: sweetling, sweetheart.
    11 lefliche: lovely.
    12 fonge: finger, take between hands.
    13 murthes: mirths, joys.
    14 mote heo monge: may she mingle.
    15 brid: bird.
    16 breme: glorious.
    16b lossom: lovesome, lovely.
    17 rode: the rood, the cross.
    18 lure: face.
    19 lumes: beams.
    20 bleo: colour.
    21 suetly swyre: darling neck.
    22 hue, heo: she.
    23 clannesse: cleanness, purity.
    24 parvenke: periwinkle.
    25 solsecle: sunflower.
    25b lealté: loyalty.
    26 carke: care, worry.
    26b dare: am in dismay.
    27 won: wan.
    28 slake: lessen.

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