Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blue Water-Lilly Comments

Rating: 5.0

Blue water-lilly.
Help me taste the ever clear sky.
Help me search the inner thoughts of my mind.
Then play it all back one static frame at a time.


Gary Hembree
Noreen Carden 12 January 2016

Really terrific Gary excellent writing well done

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Hans Vr 28 November 2015

Superb Gary! The blue water-lilly drives such a wonderful message. From the skies to the deepest parts of you to an awareness, filled with humility. Touching and very well written.

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Rahman Henry 24 November 2015

I like to vote: a grand 10++++

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Rahman Henry 24 November 2015

''.....Carry me home blue water-lilly. Carry me to the nothing that I am. '' Well written, emotional and significant poem. Wonderfully presented....

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