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Boy English, Girl English - Poem by Snake Blocker

I don't have to be a son-of-a-gun to want to bang you.
And no…I don't understand why you are always mad.
Some things are always lost in translation.
I never understood a thing you said to me.

Boy English, Girl English.

Like a lamb to the slaughter,
You go back to get your neck slit by your ex-lover.
Women do things I will never comprehend.
What I say, doesn't make sense to you either…it's called 'the truth.'

Boy English, Girl English.

100% of the time, the dysfunctional women I've met,
Always go back to their abusive relationships.
You are no different than those idiots.
So it doesn't surprise me that you are running back to him.

Boy English, Girl English.

Your lover is your loser.
While he was still married, he took your virginity in high school.
Yet you call him the greatest guy in the world
I call him a rapist.

Boy English, Girl English.

Your lover was never loyal to his wife,
So why do you think he will be loyal to you?
Oh that's right…he wasn't loyal to you either.
Yet you say you can't wait to make love to him (?) .

Boy English, Girl English.

You found out he was cheating on you the moment you left town.
Now, you forgive that lying bastard (?) .
You tell me you want love.
But you only want a loser.

Boy English, Girl English.

You say tomato. I say too much trouble.
You say potato. I say he's a problem.
You hate me because I care for you.
You hate the reality of the truth I speak.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Boy English, Girl English…get me a translator fast!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 9, 2012

Poem Edited: Thursday, October 4, 2012

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