Anna Foster

Broken Heart - Poem by Anna Foster

Her parents always expect,
Flawless report cards.
They expect too much of her,
Almost like a prison guard.

She cant think straight,
She has too much on her mind.
She cant get her work done,
She needs to unwind.

They dont know anything,
That she has been going through.
Her best friend left her in the dust,
She doesn't know what to do.

They dont know about her lover,
Who moved one thousand miles away.
They dont know about her friends,
That change more and more everyday.

They dont tell her whats going on,
With her grandparents or cousins.
There are probably more secrets their keeping from her,
No doubt more than a dozen.

They tell her what to do,
And boss her around like a director.
They dont act like parents,
They dont seem like protectors.

She doesnt know what to do,
Her life is suddenly going downhill.
They force her to be perfect,
Completely against her will.

She doesnt want to grow up,
She misses being little.
She misses all those happy days,
Now life is a riddle.

She is completely puzzled,
And she cant figure it out,
She doesn't want to go down the wrong path,
She wants to take a different route.

She threw her own life,
Off its strong track.
Her life used to be so happy and colorful,
Now it's a dark shade of jet black.

She messed up big time,
She is confused and downcast.
She wishes she could run away from everything,
But she cant escape the past.

She lost her lover,
She lost her friends,
She lost her parents,
She feels like her happiness is coming to an end.

She wants to run away,
From everything going on.
She wants her parents to realize,
Her happiness is gone.

Although she messed up,
She wants to get a new start.
But she needs to realize,
You can never fully fix a broken heart.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poem Edited: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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