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Bush Lawyer

Rating: 4.6

Guillym was five.
Talked to himself
all the time.

Bright too
- as a shiny coin.
Bit of a bush lawyer,
you might say.

Nicked a banana

one day at school.
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Max Reif 10 April 2007

cute. (Oh yeah, I have to write 20 characters...)

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Jim Foulk 06 April 2007

this was a very cute piece you wrote Alison, really liked it, reminded me of my school days. take care.

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i concur with delilah's reaction. a pleasant experience to read.

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gone gone 03 April 2007

Allie 'peels' of laughter from me....delightful write from you it's said if one is talking to one's self that 'you'(the two, soda, or 'soto' speak) are on good terms........thinking allowed...! ! ? ? Love, D..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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R H 03 April 2007

'From the mouths of babes...'. so they say, beautifully captured Allie. Justine

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Tony Jolley 09 June 2009

Brilliant! Killer punchline. Wonder what he is doing now! Our class clown, Chris Emmel, wound up as development manager for the second fastest growing foodchain in the UK. A good project might be to see where classclowns have actually got to! I am sort of willing to bet that humour may well have generated a better 'return' than educational certificates! Tony

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Chris Newlash 31 December 2008

HAHA this poem made me laugh... good write.... and thanks for commenting on mine :)

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Ron Flowers 25 October 2008

The birth of a politician. Good write, Alison. Ron

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Lee Degnan 02 October 2007

Great write, Allie... love the wit in this one! Thanks for the smiler... Hugs, Lee

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Jerry Hughes 11 April 2007

Guillym then five, infinitely smarter than John Howard in his late 60s, could well be our next P M...

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