Calling Me To The Desert Poem by Ellen Shaw

Calling Me To The Desert

Rating: 4.8

In the desert sand lifts
And swirls
A violent storm
Forming my name
To be whispered across the continents
Golden sand
No! it's golden money
Calling me to the desert

Nothing thrives
Nothing grows
Perhaps my relationships will die
Once I'm living in the desert

The blue sky holds
All of the promises like clouds
they'll cushion me
The sun burns down
The women hide behind swathes of black
Forbidden, forgotten
Yet as a woman I am being
Called towards the desert

Nothing thrives
Nothing grows
Perhaps my beating heart will die
Once I'm living in the desert

Bedouins keep moving
Enough to quench their thirst
Camels, oases
Princes and Arabian nights
Princesses locked in the palace
Duty bound and restricted
Like a nurse being
Called towards the desert

Nothing thrives
Nothing grows
Perhaps my very self will die
Once I'm living in the desert

I have a job offer. I have accepted. What am Ileting myself in for?
Bernard Snyder 04 August 2012

Well Ellen, I for one hopes you won't fade once you've arrived at the desert because then we won't be able to enjoy any more sensational writes' like this. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing such a lovely poem!

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Leslie Philibert 02 August 2012

A serious, well written poem about an important time in your life - good work

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Hunter Hunters 02 August 2012

Ellen, am sad but people don't die when take good care of themselves. As a nurse I hope you will take care.

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Sandra J. 30 July 2012

Intriguing imagery, nicely penned ideals of loneliness finding a way to dreams In the desert.

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Michelle R 01 June 2018

Wow very visual. I love to imagine how you would re write this now

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Kevin Patrick 02 August 2014

Extremely imaginative and evocative language, it really comes to life, as human beings we are forced with the realization that we have choices to make, these choices can frighten us but they can also liberate us and give us freedoms greater then anything in the animal kingdom, a desert is world in which life is premature, but their is always an oasis where pockets blossom, find those pockets and you may blossom yourself. The choice is yours

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Babatunde Aremu 02 August 2013

Desrt life is challenging and uncomfortable. However, one could find fulfilment in the desert if we commit our duties to mankind and God. May you find joy as you traverse in that desert attending to human needs

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Jack Growden 02 August 2013

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Jasbir Chatterjee 06 August 2012

Quite a heart-versus-mind situation, I must say. Follow your heart, Ellen, but only when it is not self-destructive.

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