Can I Kiss You

She walked on the moon with her angelic ways and the night cries for her attention.

The rainbow arrives on her breath as she collects the wind with her eyes.

Earthquakes are heard on Mercury because of her lips that require kissing.

The sun escaped her journey beyond the coastal waters of her temple.

Her solar system walk endangered the night with hearts that were looking for love.

She caused the meteor to eclipse the earth with fantasies of her waterfalls singing.

Looking beyond the equator of her smile she dreams of orchids blooming with Athena's heart.

Her heartbeat became one with Pegasus; she subdued Poseidon with cupid's arrows.

Swimming the ocean floor with Zeus she gave Apollo his medicine of love.

Her accolades of superiority became her destiny of earthly possessions.

Her manifestations of her harmonious melodies shifted the mind of her lover.

Global warming intensified as she escorted time to another dimension.

While he was sleeping in her hair nature was exiled; her muse was her rebirth.

Saturn and Jupiter rejoiced for her living when they held her heart.

The aromas from her elegant body fell in love with her and wanted to know can I kiss you.

Written by Theodore Mosley
April 19,2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love