Can Not Sleep - Poem by DR.GENNY ANDERSON

Too late to ask
Now I see
I'm too late
Too late to ask
I will ask it again
Someday it will happen

Thinking about our good times
Slept with tears in my eyes
Wondering why

Would this happen
Slept with tears in my eyes
Thinking about our good times
and you.

Performing my role accomplishing my task
I strive for things that are useless and vain
but deep inside I'm filled with pain

She gives me self-confidence and I wear it with pride
she protects me with shelter, a safe place to hide

wherever I go, she's always so near protecting me at all costs, she has no fear

Trying to feel what it was, like feelings you can't even remember, holding someone close, loving him tender

A long time ago, I let her in, and she became part of me like al second layer of skin.

And yet so painful but also superior to me
I'm much more than the girl I thought that I ever could be
she knows now weakness and offers no surrender, holds her values high to any offender
But what is the price for the armour I wear...

The vibe the terror and the pain is driving my so bad damn insane, I scream scream scream, nobody hears me...
Love me...

You and me
you were there
I was here
we were friends

you're still there
and I'm still here
but I don't know what we are
Aan de liefde van mijn leven
Maybe I'm weak, maybe I'm strong.
But what's the meaning when you ain't coming home?
So I go inside and close this door, and as so many times before.
I'm so confused and don't know what to do.
I've tried to hold on to what we've had and go on.
All the time I've to deny, this pain I feel inside.
If only I could, I would.
Beg you to stay, down on my knees, bleeding screaming
' Please, don't go away...'
I still love you
When I look back on our days,
I look and see your face.
Your tender touch I won't forget.

I can't Leave It all behind,
memories are crossing my mind,
you where my sunshine thought the rain.
You where my smile thought my pain.
With you bad things feel tight,
that's one of a billion reasons why
I want you by my side.

I wish I was strong like I used to be
Before hurt and pain weakened me
Then this wouldn't hurt so much
All I need is your gentle touch...
You know who you are and what I mean
You know that you are... a part of my dream...
Written by Vergeetmynietje

She came without a warning
Quietly, like a thief in the night
Her heart filled with hope and belief...
Now she's leaving
As quietly as she came
With her hope gone and shattered belief...
Soon, none will remember
She ever existed
'Forget-me-not' will be forgotten...
Written by Vergeetmynietje

Why you
Why now? Not tomorrow
Why you? Not another
Can't believe you're gone
Can't believe you're life done
Wish to have one more day
Wish to say
I love you
I need you
Don't go away
I want you to stay
I want you here
Bud now you've got wings to fly
You my angel in the sky
Won't forget you
Won't forget how it was
Want forget you're still on our side
Written by Sjanna

Why didn't you say it
In a haze I hear you say
You want to give up everything
I listen how your words
Slowly finish into sentences
They strike me like lightning
This chillness makes me crazy
And this feeling is frightening
But your words keep running
And I feel my tears burning
What's been so safe and so secure
Falls down like a house of cards
It's like someone else
Crawls into your heart
She sneaked in
To wipe me out
And destroy my life
Why didn't you tell me before
That you didn't love me anymore
Written by Lili

It is right
Boy you are on my mind
When I wake up in the morning
You're the first I think about
In my dreams
There we meet

I know we have to stop
This thing we have started
I know...
But I don't want to hear it
I have this never ending desire
A desire to hold you once again

Don't know what it's all about
It's got me totally confused

Whenever I look in your eyes
Baby I'm lost

Never thought it would come to this
Never thought I would miss you
Wanting you got me crazy
And now you're on my mind

You're walking miles
In this head of mine
Trying to figure this out
I try to understand the situation we're in
But every time I start
I lose my mind

Boy every time I think
About the thing we've done
Baby I wonder
When we'll see each other again

I know it's wrong
Oh yes boy it is

But baby is it right that I miss you now
Just for a while...
Written by Lins

It's hard letting go,
Of something that was so good,
For so long
But maybe it's the only way
Of keeping the happiness
Of all those times together
And maybe someday we'll
Come to understand
Why it didn't last forever!
Sent by Liana

if lips are made for kissing,
why can't I kiss you?
if arms are made for holding,
why can't I hold you?
if a voice is maid of talking,
why can't I talk to you?
why can't you see,
I really need you here with me,
why can't my life be perfect...
why don't you want to be with me?
why do I feel pain, thinking that you're never thinking about me!
why does love hurt, when it's supposed to feel good?
why isn't my life,
not like it should?
why can't you give me one chance, to prove my love?
cause I am sure, you are sent from up above!
knowing that you love me, would make me so happy!
cause now life is nothing like it's supposed to be,
days are dark, summer is cold,
gold is silver, and silver is gold...
love is hurting, pain is here...
my heart is breaking, you're not near!
you're just in my head, in my heart, in my mind...
and I will never be able to leave you behind!

Last goodbye
Day after day you make me cry.
Some days you even make me wanna die.
It isn't easy to me
to let you be who you wanna be.
It's just that I know that you can be sweet.
Really, you're the only one that I need.
The only problem is that you never let me see,
the good boy you can be.
I just don't get it!
Is this now how you want it?
Do you really wanna see me cry?
Do you really want a last goodbye?

all the things you do,
make me so crazy about you
all the things you say,
make me feel butterflies the hole day.
I can't help it, even when I'm want help it so bad
why are you do that?
why do you make me believe you love me
another day you hate me
why are you do this?
look at me like I am an angel
look at me like I am slut,
a fool
you think you're not so cool
when you say that you really want
be with me
for eternity
is it true? when it is,
say it, scream it, kiss me like you do in my dreams, hug me like I love,
fly with me to the heavens above.
but is it not the true..

Why is it so hard 4 you to understand,
I don't want to be with you anymore,
You gave me only your hand,
You didn't give yourself and I demand war,

You betrayed me and I am falling apart,
You said you loved me but you hated me,
You weren't longer my guard,
Being my enemy is what you wanted to be,

While I was crying the pain hurt every time again like hell,
It didn't stop, it was your way of loving someone,
How come you don't know, tears are what you sell,
Don't you understand the damage you have done,

I still love you, I don't know why,
First I was afraid to stand up and tell you how I felt,
Now I am afraid, I don't know anymore if I'm still standing high,
I shiver when I think about how you yelled,

But I still long for your touch,
And as I'm imagining,
I still love you very much,
From your love I could sing,

I think it's wrong,
Desiring a man that once wounded my body and soul,
But I've been with you 4 so long,
I don't want to speak, everyday you desperate call,

I don't understand why, you first desert me,
And then you only want to be with me, it's the,
Question why, I am so depressive and still love you,
It doesn't make sense, Oh why, why, why, why do I still want you?

Why, why, why, why, why, I keep thinking,
I realize, in your love I'm sinking.
Written by Charley

At night, I lay cozy in my warm bed,
With my hands behind my head.
I have a wish I hope comes true, and I think it might.
To have you beside me in my bed at night.
Going to sleep I try.
I can't and know why.
Relax and imagine holding you until you are next to me, it does seem.
I fall asleep knowing I'll be with you in tonight's dream.

Never trust
Never trust a smiling face
Because it is not what you think it is

The face can smile
But the soul can cry

So never trust a smiling face
Because it is not what you think
you see.

Forever written in my mind
So many times..
I see you smile.
I see you cry.

That sweet smile.
I can not forget that smile.

Hear you laugh..
See you smile..
Hear you cry..

The noises and that smile..
For ever written in my mind, heart and soul..

I can not forget you.
I can not stop thinking of you.

< br>I can't see the way she say goodbye..
I can't see when he laugh.. shy..
I can't see if they kiss..
Then I feel what I miss

Because we've kissed, en he was mine
And I have to say Im fine
Cause the boy is my ex...
and he's having sex..
with my friend..

and that kills me

Right or Wrong
You just walk in my life
and it hurts so bad
I don't know if it's wrong or right
but it makes me feel so sad.
I wish i could be with you
hold you real tight.
Never let go of you
i know that would be right...

A lie
A lie
If it's wrong,
You say it's right,
If something's gone,
You say it likes to hide,

If the world changes,
You act like you're still the same,
If there are no angels,
You say that we are not to blame,

If I murder,
You say that he just died,
If hell doesn't exist,
Then heaven is a lie...
If we kissed,
Then I know what you say is a lie.

My salvation
Around, all around, the storm clouds gather.
the night falls as if slain by the sun, soulless are we.
It is a night of darkness, a song of ethereal pain,
wolves vent their howls. The dark one
the salvation for which you pray
flares once, then dies,
devoured by madness.
My dread grows as the angry hand of Heaven falls against my naked soul.
It wounds me, and darkly my
blood drips
to the thirsty earth.
In agony I hang my head
while Death's shadow looms over me.
Now alone, my soul falls upon darkened eyes.
I am dying here, bound to darkness:
finding my way through this hurtful agony,
heart so empty and torn.
Slender beams of moonlight enter
this darkened place as I kneel,
always in pain, always lost,
frozen here,

this darkness so betrayed,
a deathly emptiness.
This is my salvation

Say my name
'Say my name so often
please don't say it with a tear
but say it with such pride and joy,
for Mum and Dad, I'm near.

I know the love you gave to me
More than words can say,
So I'm going to ask for one more thing
that you're to do for me each day.

Take all the love and joy and care,
So much you gave to me
Please turn it right 'round in your hearts
so that it can be,
A special gift of life and love
That especially comes from me'

I'm the black sheap
Black is in me
That's why I'm feeling cold
Only black days a head of me
And it's all my fault

Black is the coller I'm feeling
That's why I need some healing
Black is all that I see
But there's nobody who'll set me free

Black is where I learn to lif with
That's why sometimes people don't understand it
Black is where I get my second change
I can feel it he's taking over with his hands

It's to late now, I'm his to keep
That's why 'I'm the black sheap'

by Shorty
Forgive me
Give me a moment for myself
I need to safe my life
It will all be okay
Don't worry about that knife

Won't kill myself this evening
Just some scratches which I need
I know you won't understand
But on the inside I allready bleed

You've allready accepted my wounded inside
So please accept the outside too
I know it isn't a great solution
But it's the best thing I can do

The injury I'll cause
Won't be as bad as the ones inside
But you won't see them
They're much easier to hide

Someday, I won't need it
By knowing other ways to express
But for now I need it
It's the only way to control this painfull mess!

Broken glass
Keeping my head up
A cut in my puls
Staying alive

I don't feel any pain..
I do it once more

Beautiful pain is inside me now
I can feel it
It's streaming very slow
It's begin to less

Pain is over..I still love you
I don't know why I hurt you.
I think to feel so much better than you.
That lives in her own FantasyWorld.
But please look at me the way you did before.
I'll never hurt you again.
The only way
I don't need you attention
Don't need it to stay alive
All I need right now is Myself
Me and my f*ucking knife

So shut up and leave me
Please, just go away

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