Ojimu Sunday David

Rookie (Lagos / Lagos)

Cannabis & Touts - Poem by Ojimu Sunday David

The most used illicit drugs smoked or chewed for euphoric effect
They themselves also being humans that are illicit to the society with adverse effects on humanity
The relationship between these two subjects is inevitable just like that of humans and food
Humans can’t do without food so can they not so without cannabis
So deceptive in its application making its victims feel ultra potency like military personnel
Loosing every sense of humanity, being brutal and senseless in every reflex
They feel on the peak of the world seeing every other person as being inferior & weak
Their nerves becomes tensed and muscles fully enhanced
Due to the effects of this menacing coarse bushy, annual plant with palmate leaves
They don’t seem to be whole when they are without this leaf
A day without it makes them shiver, sending a feeling of emptiness
Somewhere down the aisle of their clouded mind
Upon this they become desperate for it and will go any length to get it
When I see them smoking or chewing it
I feel a little concerned as a good citizen with a good knowledge of the implications of this
Knowing fully well that when they eventually start misbehaving and run into a delirium
It will dawn on the whole community to contain and restrain them
To put salt on an injury they eventually breakdown and turn into a nerve wreck
What a wasteful life touts live with their accomplice (Cannabis)
In the pinnacle of these acts they feel fully rejuvenated and redeemed by the smokes
Hazing over there minds to psychological imbalance and obnubilate there minds to sanity
Not knowing that they are beckoning on cancer and mental disorder
And simply designing a four coloured death certificate for their obituary
Pity I don’t have for them because I know they are not ignorant of this facts
If there is no one to tell them, they themselves should definitely have seen this afore mentioned
Effects that would do nothing but ruin there reckless life
What saddens me most is that they seem to know the way they were before taking to this drug
Yet upon taking it they see outcomes like browning of their teeth and breaking of their voice
Often they put up behaviours they themselves regret when the euphoric effect is over
Due to the scars some of these acts leave either on their body and mostly damages to their structure
Will somebody go to them and tell them that they are only ruining themselves
But trust me who dares bell the cat

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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