Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Capturing The Sound Of Rain Comments

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Listening to the timpani
the rhythm of the rain
the rap, the tap,
the ratta-tat-tat,


Raymond A Foss
Raymond A. Foss 07 March 2019

Thanks for the many positive comments.

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Paul Brookes 14 November 2015

You paint wonderful word pictures great poem

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Elena Sandu 28 March 2015

Nice moment of awareness. Thank you for sharing, loved the read!

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Chandra Thiagarajan 28 February 2015

You have wonderfully captured the sound of rain in your sweet poem.

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Paul Reed 10 December 2014

(Ex-drummer) the rhythm of the rain can never be captured. one of the best sounds in the world - thanks for these lines

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