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Chains Of Chaldea - Poem by Roderick Dwayne Gering

Celestial battle in the Heavenly abode
Our world was formed in the fire
The Garden of Eden many seeds were sewed
Lost to mysteries of what really transpired
Secrets sung to melody of sweet lyre
Eve bit the apple knowledge was shown
Only to become the world’s funeral pyre
In the hands of the unwise full blown
Many sins followed we must atone

Lucifer was blamed for being snake
But Gadreal led Eve astray
Satan would ruler over fiery lake
Yet the sin was covered on this day
For eons no one would say
Lake Van in the Khurdistan site of the deed
Many sins followed we must pay
The hunger for power a monster to feed
At the same time planted, demon seed

When time began at Earth’s dawn
Evil lurked within every shadow
Precious life, beautiful fawn
Monstrous hunger beyond the meadow
Taking shape in the valley of Megiddo
Ancient city, Eridu
Slaves to fear in gossiper’s ghetto
Shemjazza spits, a dare to you
Legends born, Edimmu

Enlil and Enki sons of Anu
Came to Earth in search of gold
Nibiru’s atmosphere failing they knew
Mining this ore would help they were told
With honest intent, true and bold
The dark continent was their destination
Far from the lands of northern cold
To save their world was their determination
Architects of this endeavoring operation

To aid the plight Enki had a plan
DNA to the hominids combine
Evolution of the breed of man
Creating workers, the ore to mine
The Anunnaki crossed the line
So the world stage was set in motion
It became a curse to all mankind
In the image of God, preached notion
The image of Man was the preferred potion

Adam or Adapa…..Sumerian or Hebrew
Naked and free before the fall
His innocence stained from loyalty due
God’s creation, ancestor to mankind all
By Eve’s side Adam stood tall
Some would say later love is blind
Beating our heads on mystery’s wall
Possibly God wanted Adam to find
His cup of forgiveness and drink it’s wine

Curse to the annals of the Anunnaki
The Igigi in shadows were hiding
Egos collide for power to jockey
Elites formed in the darkness confiding
Centuries after men would be abiding
These statutes of sin ingrained
Saddle the storm warriors riding
Many battles with innocent blood stained
Ultimate evil in the heart attained

Beni ha Elohiym and the daughters of men
Union forbidden and yet
Hell spawned offspring desert djinn
History of the world would soon forget
Regards to the Serpent’s son, Tabaet
Those who fell joined with us
So the world stage was set
Mystery in stone no one could bust
Sacred taboo flesh in lust

Even Enki the Wise would be bitten
Hastening evolution produces beauty indeed
Adored in the flesh feelings not smitten
Uncontrollable lust is difficult to feed
Pry with nature, disaster results, take heed
Good intent was motive to the call
To obtain workers and fulfill a need
But beauty can make one fall
Natural instinct that cannot be forestalled

Human hybrid better known as Enoch
Brought to the heavens in Celestial Boat
The Watchers’ technology he would take stock
Many levels for the mind to float
Reward this knowledge with sacrificial goat
In those days humanity had long life
Memory would fade in mysts remote
The days were shortened sometimes by knife
It became curse and inflicted strife

Penemue would give the forbidden, mighty pen
From eternity to eternity writing all the day
Forging their truths in lies to lend
Many ha Satan came into the fray
Many sins followed we must pay
Master of metal, sultan of steel
Weapons of hate to be used to slay
How could innocence learn to deal?
Wombs smitten by Kazjeda never to heal

Recorded in Vedas long ago
Aerial battles fought and waged
Templeships struggled in stratego
Hearts with fire enraged
Humanity’s freedom forever caged
Lost was innocence in the gloom
Vengeance eternally engaged
No one could ever assume
The destiny of civilization’s doom

In the days of Noah before the flood
Nephilim nudge deceit’s dial
Giants roamed drinking innocent blood
Mysterious truths along the Nile
Wickedness smirks, never smiles
Wisdom does not trod where mortals go
Stench of breath smelling vile
Squashing the meek in the valleys low
Oppression rules this world of woe

Nimrod, mighty hunter and king of men
Great architect to Babel’s tower
Tongues were cursed confusion became trend
Scattering to the four winds tolled the hour
Azazel’s eyes burn and glower
Lost to the wilderness Eden had no chance
Dogs of war became Inanna’s dower
Dark hymns of desert moon, devil’s dance
Eye for an eye was lost at first glance

In the cradle of Chaldea, the city Ur
Abraham called upon the name of the Lord
El Shaddai servant with heart so pure
On him Holy righteousness was poured
Son of Terah, for his worship adored
His descendants would number the grains of sand
Not all would be of one accord
A mystery that God would test man
Love thy neighbor if you can

Citizens critical of souls that seemed lost
Trouble brewed in cities of the plains
Why should they be burdened with the cost
Tired of lending a hand during rains
It was only their egos turning vain
On to the cities Sodom and Gomorrah
As the strange ones looked with disdain
Chronicled later in Israel’s Torah
The plains would be barren no flora

Abraham and Lot men holy and yet
Thought of the strange ones with awe
Messengers from God was a sure bet
Harbingers come to enforce the law
Lot heeded but somehow thought it flaw
Leaving Gomorrah with family in haste
Lot’s wife her teeth began to gnaw
The Evil Wind exploded and gave chase
She turned to vapor without a trace

Not many yesterdays far gone
After mighty hunter these plains did rule
Savage king, his name Sargon
Sword and Sorcery his heart was schooled
Metal forged by Gadreal and tooled
Sargon’s wrath unequaled ten fold
Army by desert was fueled
They fought till death it was told
Slaughtering men, women, young and old

An attempt at justice begun
Decrees developed for only lost cause
Civilization’s failed trial run
Bow down to the great Hammurabi’s laws
Cruel treatment entertained to applause
On the other hand, crimes against the oppressed
Not guilty through loophole or clause
These crimes unjust never addressed
Guilt or none, no trial, none confessed

Striking fear into the hearts of men
Ruthless giant King Og of Bashan
Evil monster prowling again
Thirst for blood his spirit’s passion
Oppression’s might with armor fashioned
Looking up meek’s redemption was nigh
The wicked with their teeth gnashing
Led by Moses, His people would comply
Og defeated at the battle of Edrei

But woe to you ol’ earth and sea
Deception still working its evil here
Ego decays the soul angels do agree
Heart failure in the ability to endear
So easy to sling another spear
Waging wars seems our only solution
Will we ever steer ourselves clear
Hatred of heart spirit’s pollution
We must find some resolution

Was this to be our everlasting legacy?
Lessons lost within Chaldean chains
Your empire slipping into mediocrity
As mock exaltation begins to wane
Those who seek to lead border insane
Wasting away, wail of the wind
Men scattered upon the wilderness plain
Throne decays slowly into sin
Woe to the wicked, dreaded djinn

Ponder this, the mysteries, just for a moment
The Watchers also took note
The Wars of Gods and the blood spent
Many trips Charon would make on his boat
Sacrifices, the Anunnaki anecdote
Troubles abound voices would slur
Sorrows emerged where they would float
The past would become all a blur
Future fate begins to conjure

Now the Wars would be waged by Man
The Tree of Knowledge an apple was gave
Long after fire was hard to understand
Became a tool in false hope would save
Defend borders, the business of enclave
Clique-ish clans seeking only their own
Rainbow colors no more the rave
Men would wage war now alone
A cold that seeped deep into the bone

Sennecherib ravaged through Judah’s land
Faith was tested in fact a major leap
It seemed that Israel’s house would not stand
Many cities drenched in blood so deep
Sennacharib’s men camped outside His castle’s keep
Holy city, Jerusalem surrounded
Grim Reaper’s visitation during their sleep
No one on this day the walls were hounded
Another victory to God, trumpets sounded

Another made war no less his blood brother to shove
To rule from northern Assur after the fall
If only the books were his first, true love
Nineveh’s library, the pride of Ashurbanipal
Could not men share knowledge with all?
Foreign was the concept to those of kingship
Between good and evil, the line to close to call
Self-righteous continues to shoot from the hip
The meek’s blood continues to drip

Bigotry’s rage swept from the Gates of Babylon
Backed by coalition with the Mede
Inanna’s fire not quenched since Sargon
Awful sin this thing called greed
Beni ha Elohiym long ago planted the seed
A son carried orders from Nabopolloasar
Food for anti-Semitic hatred to feed
Sign of war under Middle Eastern star
The chosen people enslaved and taken afar

Back to Babylon, prophet named Daniel
Who Nebuchadnezzar sought interpretations divine
The Magi could not the king’s dreams read well
But Daniel sought God’s help to find
The power to which the dreams to unwind
Like a beast, the king would live seven years
Learning faithful praise to Yahweh in kind
Angels in Heaven shedding joyful tears
For this Gentile dodged spiritual-death’s spear

Enki in his quarters pondered awhile
Disillusionment crept into his soul
His countenance was without a smile
He wanted to dig a very deep hole
Hide away, intrusion was not his goal
His penance would be unfulfilled
Enki felt he somehow stole
His soul would be forever grilled
His debt would be forever tilled

Then came a conquering hero
Alexander the Great
His number would never be zero
He was not spurred on by hate
But a desire to magistrate
Marching on to conquer the world
But alien intelligences would investigate
The hatred of humanity unfurled
Wind of Woe unleashed and whirled

In Egypt he would be herald as god
Marching the road of ruthless conquest
Persia fell under his iron rod
Darius could only flee at best
Later time and space would be his test
After long miles to seek his yield
Curiosity and knowledge his personal guest
While crossing the Indus attacked by flying shield
Alien paranormal invade the battlefield

Enki now waves in sad farewell
Departing for alien celestial shores
Lord from the Sea stories to tell
Meddle with men he would no more
Too many bones on the thrashing floor
Failures numerous lost to time
Losing keys that unlock the door
For days blind would be mankind
Once again hoping the keys to find

Other Anunnaki would stay a term
Manipulate mankind for greedy gain
As decaying corpses food for worm
Forever history’s pages blood would stain
Forsaking the governorship of the grain
Humanity under darkened spell
Never to be without much pain
The carnage always good stories to tell
Spurred on by egos from hell

Ancient of Days, Faithful and True
Yeshua ha Maschia Beni El Shaddai
Guardian to those who search for You
City of refuge with Abba Adonai
Promise of New Jerusalem descending from sky
Caesar’s ruled when Jehovah would send
Chosen people would His birth deny?
Missing the awesome mysteries then
We must wait for the time of the Gentiles to end

Yeshua Son of the Most High
Angered in the Temple of Jehovah you see
But not at the merchants no one can deny
Theocratics were His aim obviously
On this point would be fool to disagree
A den of thieves prisoners of greed
Self-righteousness, oppression’s decree
But blind men should always take heed
Else stumble, travesty’s wounds would bleed

Mankind claims being driven by spiritual epiphany
To wage war in the Holy name of God
Word to the wise, sounds like blasphemy
New covenant crumpled like a wad
Society threw the seeds into a thorny sod
Nephilim’s evil be murky most in deed
Upon the heads of innocence warriors trod
Following blindly evil will lead
The meek will seek forever the Holy seed

Constantine saw a cross in the sky
But he wanted only to rule by blood
Disguised was the sword for he looked too high
Sands of Abraham were mixed in the mud
History could not muffle the sound of the thud
The Chosen decreed to wander and roam
Diaspora reached further than the Great Flood
Eons would pass in the long epic poem
Before they were allowed to call Israel home

Righteous are those who seek that simple life
It is the mere existence and essence of the Essene
If it were to cause the Church of Rome strife
Such as the Cathars as close as anyone has been
Their entire society snuffed out, severed clean
Blood continues to stain the works of men
Self-seeking the knowledge, what can it mean?
Why did we miss the awesome mysteries then?
Now we wait for the time of the Gentiles to end

Ottoman Empire with Muslim victory song
Ancient hatred, debt to Ishmael’s recompense
The winds of war have been wailing too long
Brothers jumped the spiritual fence
Only to die in the dust of decadence
Blood caste in the Carpathians high
Is it not logical, vengeance begets vengeance?
Evil incarnate, morbid and willing to die
Vlad Tepesch spits in their eye

Desert djinn roam this world
Ancient vampires known as the edimmu
Evil winds is what they have unfurled
The craving for blood spilled and spew
The carnage of war is what they do
Yet mankind follows these dogs, jackals
Blindly enslaved to these creatures too
Heading for future avoidable debacles
Why could we not just take off the shackles

Old religion now worn out
Time to start fresh and anew
Protests that rang with a shout
Time to preach new laws from the pew
They would do it with regularity too
Luther was the first, intentions good you see
But old hate as a cow would he re-chew
Why not mend the wound, help it be
Nourish whole again and make healthy

As time would pass mankind’s folly emerged
A House divided would surly fall
Oppressive spirit must be purged
The bold only have the gall
Peace again would be stalled
Future foretold, common sense thrown to the wind
Very few would try heed to the call
Many more added to the list of sin
When will greed end and wisdom begin

So these Kings of Konfusion
Sitting arrogantly upon their thrones
Orchestrating their agendas of illusion
Consulting their sacred stones
Some under sign of Skull and Bones
Kapitols of Kaos here evil winds still blow
Crossing the globe spanning several time zones
Working till the midnight oil glow
Writing their epochs, Overtures to Overthrow

As in the days of Noah, so it shall be again
Nephilim nudging feverishly deceit’s dial
Giants will roam in the beginning of the end
Horror dug up not far from the Nile
Abaddon rising with sinister smile
Industrial age in full swing and bold
Greed’s hunger in control all the while
To fuel this monster with substance, black gold
Texas Tea to those who major stocks will hold

Versed in the arcane, ancient mysteries explored
Adolph the Aryan crashes upon the scene
Semitic extinction was his reasoning implored
Living in peace seems to be defective gene
Millions he sought to rip out their spleen
Martin Luther’s sediments Hitler took from
And financing from the Bush, a tidy lean
Were these the views of just a minute some?
Or were these the thoughts shaping things to come

Chaldean chains taking prisoners all the while
Age old evil from the days of Balaam
Britons awed by his engaging smile
A dictator picked as the C.I.A. checked his palm
Modern day Nebuchadnezzar, enter Sadam
Again center stage under Middle Eastern star
Will the region ever feel peaceful calm?
Under the sands demon seed putts for par
Again the Gates of Babylon are pulled ajar

Here in the jungle an aura within
As the night moves a lure to all
Children’s awe sucks them in
Mother’s wail is a useless call
Through generations the curse passes the ball
Why mankind did not learn to swerve?
Too busy to see when the fawn will fall
Damage is done and the meal is served
It finally strikes an agonizing nerve

Victims bear victims, oh the sorrow
Too many roam the jungle now
Great feast is on the morrow
Devouring giant begins its prowl
Minds too weak throw in the towel
Blind are mechanical men, dogs and bastards
Putting money to use that is foul
Thinking they can conquer the disaster
They soon forget they serve two masters

Governing philosophy, all others curtailed
Put on a good front, good show
The harm is not that which is inhaled
But what comes from within you know
Hidden agendas all in tow
The tune is still the same
Now the millions “I am” with glow
Want to do it all in God’s name
Falling to the lure of that deceitful game

So man is left grinning
Holding his chains in his own hands
Nature will always continue to sing
Knowing all that he does not understand
Smirk behind the smile standing in the sand
A tear rolls down the cheek
When all is said one possibly can
The world returns to the meek
Wisdom is what we should all seek

For man to perish is this realistic?
The answer is yet unclear
Salvation’s answer simplistic
Turn the cheek my dear! ! !
Avoid a grinding gear
Defend what is yours! Not a question per chance
Let those deceivers sneer
An eye for an eye was lost at first glance
Deceivers with demons will dance

Weary is the song sung “Greed”
Now the war dogs must howl
The monsters of men roam hungry
Long hence they began their prowl
Mystery Babylon can be heard by its growl
Queens of the Nile come and have went
Her dynasties have lasted for awhile
But they have only made a dent
Her history and time long spent

The earth in travail newborn unleashed
To recover that which it has lost
Never ending nature of the beast
Rebirth always has its cost
Ancient of Days, He sawest
She is spirit as well her oceans deep
Oppression’s ugly head un-inquiringly tossed
Not catching the secrets that she keeps
Man always blind before he leaps

Do thieves set out to steal public opinion?
Abominable ego seeking these thrones
Second term run for presidential dominion
But the loser, another brother of Skull and Bones
Laughing all the while throwing stones
Second generation in control at boil
Old vendettas long postponed
Father taught son well Barons of Oil
But everyone must pay Charon’s toil

Claiming ancestry to the Burning Bush
Offices of power with oil bought
To the zenith they rose with swoosh
Hidden agendas were their seedy lot
More simple lives under anvils caught
Gold in jeopardy for worthless cash
GI’s in worthless wars they fought
In name of those with whips that lash
Keeping people high with evil stash

Power Elite seek to take control
Financial power several agendas hidden
Manipulating all the while the opinion poll
Nothing too much, nothing forbidden
Along this narrow path to Armageddon
In simple Truth, Jesus showed us the way
It is only ourselves that we’re kiddin’
Only One was innocent it is somewhat sad to say
Our heads hanging low on Judgment Day

Mother Earth her stewards are few
Too many lost in religious fervor
Today is the day for something to do
Quit playing games with the network server
The Mother is beyond to unnerve her
Autos and factories belch acrid smoke
Car headed for the ditch no time to swerve her
They complain of the bowl that I toke
Their oppression is only a backfiring joke

Greed became the favorite game
The elitist played for the highest pot
Popes and Pastors in it for the same
Honest dealings have come to not
Good nature in the past time forgot
Only storm clouds loom over a baby’s birth
We have lost freedoms after wars we fought
Very little time now for joy and mirth
Will the meek ever inherit the Earth? ? ?

The water is dangerous to drink
A legacy left to us my dear
Sweet Mother poisoned, on the brink
By the industrial revolution I fear
The power elite only sneer
They pocket their greed and smile
Cocky enough to give us a jeer
In time they will falter, walk the mile
Hanging their heads all the while

Great triangular objects in the sky
Anunnaki have sadly returned
For teaching hominids the cause to die
By blood drenched hands that burn
Meddling a hard lesson to learn
They are here to help this time
Is it to late? Or will we just spurn
Learn the verse pen the rhyme
Forgiveness is a sweet bell chime

Hear ye Hear ye People of the Earth
There is still hope let there be no mistake
Rejoice in partaking of another cosmic re-birth
As finding peace on yonder, tranquil lake
A grand picnic adorned with luscious cake
Children playing with serpents promises blend
What a beautiful world this would make
When the time of the Gentiles comes to an end
Will we discover awesome secrets then

Why are we so far from Celestial Shores
In fear we ask Abba Adonai
When will fear be never more?
Questions put to the Most High
Wisdom does not fall from the sky
Long ago the Truth written in our hearts
A gift from El Shaddai
Learn to grasp It not tearing It apart
Accepting wisdom with humility…..
… a good place to start

© 2005 Roderick Dwayne Gering

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