Childhood For Sale Poem by Amy Marie

Childhood For Sale

Rating: 4.7

Cheap and charming items
Settle on the numerous tables
Of my grandparents' customary yard sale.
Bugs visit them all on this hot but vital weekend.

One object stands out in somewhat of a spotlight.
The item is a pink dollhouse full of memory-rooms.
Once I explored it with youthful eyes –
Now that type of immature play I despise.

If I could put a price on Childhood – what would it be?
A penny or two – at the most – three.

Mohammad Muzzammil 08 December 2010

A nice poem to be read and appreciated as well. Childhood is one the precious prize from God. It is the stage when we are innocent with the world's affairs and other critical matters. We are free from sin and sinful thought as well. Dear Amy, if life is a body, childhood is its heart. It can't be sold. Maybe it is your poverty to sell it. However, nice to read your poem.

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Mar Cav 17 February 2010

'a pink dollhouse full of memory-rooms' ~ wow, I love that! ! Great poem!

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Its too expensive to be sold! Sell all my toys but not my childhood. A very simple but profound way to deal with a subject of grave importance. Our present generation of children are so exposed that one wonders if childhood in a sense will soon become something of the past. Well done my freind.

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Sarah Shahzad 11 January 2020

Such beautiful work, like it.. :)

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Edward Kofi Louis 16 June 2017

Once i explored it! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Rajendran Muthiah 28 May 2017

The childhood may be bitter or happy. We cannot quote a price to it. Being an astronomer probing the galaxies, you dare to take the childhood simple to buy or sell.The dolls you used will come often to your fore conscious mind as you are growing old. You have a different view that is laudable.

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Adeline Foster 14 December 2011

You have apparently elicited a lot of feelings through this poem and I agree. It is too precious to forfeit. Childhood is something that is being exploited to appease the guilty conscience of adults. Childhood can be a happy time if only children were allowed to consider themselves happy. Read mine – I Cannot Return – Adeline

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 07 June 2011

Great poem. Wonderfully conceived. Full of compassion for deprived childhood. Childhood is a period when a child is at his most innocent stage. Nobody has right to take away his innocence. I rate the poem 10/10. Thanks for sharing.....

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Amy Marie

Amy Marie

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