Zachary Goddard

Choice - Poem by Zachary Goddard

Girl when you open your eyes
I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise
That choosing the other guy is not wise
If you pick me
I promise to make your heart beat rise
And not trick you, into opening your thighs
For your personally is sweeter then apple pie

It’s the decision that comes in everyone’s time
It’s comes around your prime
To make a choice between good and bad
Much bigger then picking shorts solid or plaid
One that would make you very glad


Hope you don’t accept the wrong person
For your problems will just worsen
Staying home wondering why
Your feelings and the truth don’t comply
With the reason, you picked this guy
Laying alone looking up at the sky
Wondering what could of happen if you choose the other guy
Now your emotions are twisted like a tie

Crying your tears down the drain
You lock your heart up with a chain
Thinking of catching the earliest train
To escape from this pain
Waiting to leave this place of sorrow rain
You look in your pocket for money but there’s only change
so you start walking out on the range

You made up your mind to go back home
Your cell phone is on roam
The right guy calls your phone
And talks in a calm tone
Your heart beats in the normal zone

After talking for a while
You put your emotions outside in a pile
You feel better now
You two arrange to meet downtown
Once you see him. Your frown goes upside down

You connect on levels you never have before
He sees’ you as a women and not a whore
Unlocking the chains from your heart.
You let him take your heart on a tour
Your heart lets out a relaxing roar
You feel like your on a romantic honeymoon on the shore

He becomes your man
Here to stay longer then a tan
For he knows that if he looks for a dime
Then he’ll be losing a treasure
That brings him so much pleasure

When you feel alone
Think of his caring tone
That will put you up on a throne
And make your life shine brighter then chrome
Now you feel stronger then the empire Rome

If you pick the person for the right reason
There will be no stormy seasons
Picking me could change your life
And turn you into my wife

Show you what a real man is like
Who can make you soar higher then Mike
For one day, to get you dressed in all white
To make your life grand
Putting that ring on your hand
Is only one of my plans.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 28, 2008

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