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Christmas Eve

Rating: 3.0

First time i saw her in over a dozen years
was to watch her cry.

The way her shape laid next to me on the bed,
we listened to that Hallelujah. The way it literally

moved her—as her breaths breathed with the chords
& her trembling kept time with lyrical verse.

her braids, undone, and strewn across the pillow—
strands that i carefully picked up the following morn.

a pale hoodie, zipped tight around her shoulders,
jeans fitted, dark denim.

She told me not to watch her as she listened
but how could i not.

Original Unknown Girl 09 February 2007

What a lovely poem Goldy. Was it Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley? What a lovely piece that is, though being Christmas could have been any Halleljah, a moving poem no less... HG: -) xx

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Tired of Being Exploited 08 February 2007

This one made me catch my breath. I can't quite put my finger it. I love that feeling. Very nice piece Jack

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Duncan Wyllie 22 October 2007

The sensuality and closeness of this write comes un-paralleled to anything that I have read of late...such feeling...beautiful! Thankyou Love duncan X

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Melanie Emiko 25 March 2007

You have a gift of turning a simple setting into a magic. I love the vividness of this one, each line but in general-it still hides something.

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Chris Mendros 13 March 2007

Damn, this one gave me the sniffles. Color me wimpy. Beautiful.

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Robert Howard 10 February 2007

I thought of Handel's Halleluia Chorus but whatever was actually playing the intimacy of two people unified by beauty at Christmas is a treasure to read.

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Ivan Donn Carswell 09 February 2007

Powerful imagery, from opening impressions, shape disassociations, dissembly of persona, revelation & reassembly in musical lyricism to after-images of reflective innocence. All combined easily, tightly from bouyant opening to pensive ending. Great piece of poetry. Rgds, Ivan

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