Friday, June 23, 2006

Circle Of Lights

Quiet sequence of tunes and ripples of fervent light,
Crowd heaven like trillion hungry worms,
Bunching furiously beneath sea weeds.
Not happy, but I longed for you.
Compassionate mother, quiet forever,
Wish to die again.
Frothy bodies, weightless like shadows,
Sail smoothly upon themselves.
Sea waves creeping upon sea slab.
Whitish, foamy, permeable, lucent beings
Festooned with blinking clothes of ray.
Dancing around celestial thrones,
Seeking the precious face of God
Is this the second phase? Like He is not
Shouting alleluia as angels go to and fro,
With golden whips hid under their armpits.
Strong throb of whining octaves
Swerve concavely, then rapidly convex,
Deflagrate and sieve colourlessly
Through tiny threads of light.
Groping bare blue hands upon gloom
Whisking invisible synthesis of busy waves.
Dismay optimised on the graph of my face,
And glued invisibly to my forehead,
As emitting energy weaved into seam,
Screening dark beings from the earth plane
I saw beings from other planets pass through.
The motion slowed cautiously,
Crediting and debiting
Perfectly like a Microsoft software.
I felt the uncooked strokes of sun,
Slim and tall like Italian spaghetti
Pierce through my porous self
Drooping, swirling, singing sympathetically.
Glowing and chanting ancient songs of sounds.
Ringing like strange Indian cymbals.
Echoing and booming, enchantingly,
Wild rays gulf in like Tibet valleys
Vomiting broken sparks of light
Disseminating and dancing in the glint.
Like scattered banquet of bees
Humming a chorused buzz.
Strange breadth of immortality,
Immortalise my being to die no more.
Marvelling in eternal ecstasy, starring at invisibility.
Pure, persistent flow of heaven’s sacred love.
Seize me wholly, spoil me with grace.
Grease my being with the oil of heaven.
Every slack, lack and knack.
Gone forever, gone like yesterday.
Relieved from the miserable carcass of pain,
Overcharged whirlpool of artifice.
Crooked death and her twisted world.
Nuisance and awe,
You’ve bleached men with hurt,
Taking away pains through pain,
Squeezing joy-fluid from sorrow loin
In compliance with heaven or hell.
A blue man appeared glowing like noon
Clad in blue ribs of rays,
Transparent and white.
Viewed like a long white gown.
Another Jesus of Nazareth
Dissolving and vanishing magnificently
Like a tall being from Venus.
Graced with a hat of halo.
Biting in brilliance like the light of Damascus
Oh death! mother of life
Is this your invisibility.
To purge, to purify,
To immortalise our sacred beings.
To salute nature with mysterious hands
Sometimes suddenly we die. Let me die again!
Astonished and mystified …
He held tightly to my right wrist,
Who is this ?
Cleric holding twined legs of a rite cock
Terribly frightened, fretfully eager,
Discovering a new home.
Fresh world of eternal sheen.
Pellets of cry strain on my eyelids,
Waiting nervously to lash her trickle
As prosperous thoughts of past,
Somersault shamefully in my thought like fools,
Laughing wildly like a mad man’s joy.
What an excessive eternal freedom
Denied to the mighty and mindless,
Who through greed bewitch our human world.
Can I return again?
Then quickly I’ll unveil, Unveil.
Okezuonu Gerard

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