Coffee Poem by Diane H


Rating: 4.8

The couple ordered flat whites in the café.
“I bet there’ll be spillage in the saucer”,
she said, watching waiters dash past the table.
“Well, there was a time, ” he said, “when pouring
hot coffee into your saucer was thought
quite acceptable. The tip, blow and sip method.”
“Really, ” she replied, “well, I like a dry saucer
and expect it, for four dollars and fifty cents! ”
A cappuccino whizzed past. “Half a cup of air, ”
she said dismissively, “coffee with bubblewrap.”
He smiled in reply. He really didn’t care.
Their waiter arrived promptly, saucers in hands.
His was set down first. A trickle of tan
slid down the outer white curve. “Waves, ” she exclaimed.
The waiter paused, second saucer in hand. “Ma’am? ”
Her smile was tight. “The forcing frequency of your gait
resonates with that of the liquid, causing waves.”
The waiter glanced at the gent, who smiled and shrugged.
“The solution, ” she said, “is to use a suspended tray.
A pendulum set-up would buffer…..”
At that precise moment, a bag-laden customer
brushed past, nudging the waiter’s arm and hand
which still held her saucer - white as white. The cup
was launched, flew briefly and dived into her lap.
She was stunned; momentarily nonplussed.
Hot but not too hot, she thought as liquid splashed.
Gasps from other tables; someone said “Awesome…..”
The gent patted the waiter on the back.
“Not to worry, ” he said, “I know for a fact,
she really didn’t want it in the saucer.”

Savita Tyagi 04 June 2017

Little I know about science of frequency! But may be frequency of lady's thoughts brought the coffee in her lap! Enjoyed reading to the last line!

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Preston Mwiinga 03 September 2016

brovo! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! great works here

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Bri Edwards 28 August 2016

a good laugh at the end. not a big one. lovely story. lovely may be weak here. where, oh where has D.H. gone? at least the poems remain. her legacy! bri :)

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Pamela Sinicrope 26 January 2016

I really enjoyed reading this narrative piece about coffee and its movement. All with a great ending. Well done. Bravo! :)

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 January 2016

A nice story presented. Thanks for sharing.

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Kostas Lagos 26 January 2021

Coffee always makes a good poem. Or does poem make a good coffee? Anyway, I love this one

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David Wood 26 January 2021

Those were the days when we could enjoy a coffee with a friend, in a cafe without wearing a face mask.

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Bri Edwards 25 January 2021

I commented in 2016. : ) bri

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kyvin nash 14 January 2021

😂😂😂a good're a talented writer, the last 3 lines awesome, thanks for sharing Diane Hine!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 21 August 2017

Good story, well enjoyed.

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