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Comfort To A Fool

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All I'll ever write is sad love poems
How can I have such powerful values
Yet stand for nothing because of love
I used to love me once
Head over heels
My true emotions never revealed
Lost in these luring Brown eyes
My smile was radiant as the sunshine


In the midst of getting to know me better
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Comfort To A Fool
Monday, March 14, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: logic,respect,sad love
You never have to beg for anything that's meant for you.As if Adam could ask Eve to return a rib that was never his to give.
Siddartha Montik 05 December 2016

Though a sad story, ..but expressed with such openness and calm. loved the way you phrased the lines poet! ! 10+++

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Kewayne Wadley 28 March 2016

That was deep Anita. Very expressive. You revealed a lot of yourself. I loved the inclusion of the forbidden fruit and your reference to Adam and Eve. You are not brainwashed. Don't ever think that. Love itself is a devotion to lunacy lol Its a true testimony to the empathy we share. Never lose yourself. It all begins and ends with you. Stay strong! Keep your passion! KW

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Unwritten Soul 24 March 2016

You explained a lot there in the whatsapp message and he just replied -i promised-....Anita, i dont judge people but i think dont let people take you for granted, we are like water and they are like glass, they always think that water will always poured on them, will they appreciate it...they wont over confident when no single drop stay for them....water is not only for glass but we can fall on the ground and change sand to live a seed for a tree....love yourself and serve for the one you think equally share the same with you. Comfort a fool never been easy job, to make them understand and to make them practice and to keep the practice....comfort them as easy but dont do more than you can endure...because water not only reserved in glass..._Soul

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Anita Khelawan 24 March 2016

Thank you for your lovely insight and I'll bear that in mind..

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Ramesh Rai 23 March 2016

Anita! I always believe that poetry is the true expression of soul. True love lies with poetry only. All the best. Carry on you will have real value of life. Thanks for sharing.

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Dr Antony Theodore 23 March 2016

I despise my new found personality I am brainwashed with a ruin mentality I lack trust When he entertains lust He promised me he would stop lie But he lied ohhh Anita. this poem is full of emotions...... your passion, love experience and the sadness and the depression is all very well expressed here. like this poem very much. God bless you to find a great love. i dont know whether it is your poetic imagination or real experience. thank you tony

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