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Confession Of Obsession

Rating: 5.0

A new word entertained my hearing
which was geoengineering,
and just exact as I was fearing
I counted fourteen letters.

No sooner had I set upon it
I knew I had to make a sonnet,
a ponderous acrostic misfit
I'm chained by mindset fetters.

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I thought that Confession of Obsession would be a catchier title than Geoengineering.
Danny Draper 10 July 2012

How could you resist the acrostic sonnet? Self inflicted stab, sounds like our stab in the dark reluctance or refusal to act. There is always hope, but rarely a panacea.

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Captain Cur 10 July 2012

Before I can comment properly I need to hit Brittanica. However, the title was greenhouse effective. If I ever write a poem with that title it would be about Geo-Pirateering. This was a tough write and you pulled it off magnificently! New Ice Age Cometh!

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Bulletcookie 2017 24 July 2017

The Earth has a fever due to a human virus bout of existential flu. Gaia will regain her composure after billions are summarily discarded in a whirlwind of weather catastrophes; she always corrects and recovers. Thanks for the poem.

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Well written, Try reading mine and comment.

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Romeo Della Valle 15 July 2012

Definitely a well crafted and poignant write that clearly shows your talent! A very interesting and thought provoking write that it is worth reading it over a second time! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up dear Diane! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

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Micah Ogberhie 13 July 2012

A poets obsession to the word or a global craze? mind adrift...

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Valerie Dohren 11 July 2012

Great write - love the closing lines. Sums up very well what we are doing to our lovely planet.

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