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I smelled that smell yesterday.
That smell of love.
That musky, dusky smell
Of rain-soaked leaves,
Packed together along
The damp sidewalk.
That moist smell
Of a rain-drenched
Puff of breeze.
That intoxicating smell.

So smooth.
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Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. ~William Shakespeare~
Jesus Diaz Llorico 03 August 2013

Beautifully penned, that smell of love, that musky, dusky smell It's so nice to read poems like this written by women, so sweet.

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Joshua Fegley 03 August 2013

Ahhh...yes. I remember those minute moments. Good poem.

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Sj Holland 07 August 2013

@Bradley Jay Phipps We would be more likely to hug a letter wouldn't we; to clasp it to our breast.I too love pen, ink and paper, versus emails and Kindles. That smell used to be with me all the time when I was younger. Lately, not so much. Could be the deadening of the senses with age, but I think it's mostly the deadening of feelings through the journey of life.

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Sj Holland 03 August 2013

@Jesus James Llorico Hi friend. Yes, it's a warm and cozy smell, and easy to write about when the mind is allowed to wander. Thanks for reading.

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Sj Holland 03 August 2013

@Joshua Fegley Thank you for reading. It is a minute moment, distilled through acute memory and luscious enjoyment.

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Sj Holland 23 August 2013

@Patricia Yes, the whiff is almost as exciting as the thing itself. Thanks.

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Patricia Grantham 23 August 2013

Oh so very romantic and enticing. The sense of smell is a very powerful thing. Just getting a whiff of something that soothes and causes a person to desire it is exciting. Even more exciting than that hot cup of steaming coffee. Ha! , Ha! Ha! Sandi. Loved this.

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Sj Holland 16 August 2013

@Khairul Ahsan Thank you. Your comments are poetry. You bring back such sweet memories about letters and their envelopes. Yes, I too can see outstretched arms in a situation like this.

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Khairul Ahsan 14 August 2013

@ Bradley Jay Phipps and Sj Holland, Thanks for your beautiful comments you shared with us. An envelope with a known handwriting on top, used to be a treasure. Before cutting it open, I (or should I say we?) used to have a look at it so many times, smell it so many times, and wouldn't read it unless I was in absolute privacy. Gone are those days, for ever, perhaps!

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Khairul Ahsan 14 August 2013

That makes me want to Climb into your arms, And sleep. My God! What a beautiful expression! The thought of someone climbing into my arms and sleep makes me stretch out my arms. A beautiful thought nicely penned.

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