Royston Allen

Conflicting Views On Who We Are - Poem by Royston Allen

Who am I?
A fortuitous concord of atoms are we
Appearing by chance and now you happen to be
You just evolved as evolution had its way
Such is mankind the modern scientists say
The Bible
Created by God and fashioned out of His love
With a designer label from the Lord above
Made in God's image is written for all to see
So fearfully and wonderfully made are we

What am I?
You are composed of very complex chemistry
Another one of the mammals are you to me
A hominid formed by natural selection
made when evolution altered its direction
The Bible
You are a new creation we hear God say
Born again and no longer of earthly clay
A child of God cleansed and made anew
No more does Satan have any hold on you

Whose am I?
You belong to no one and are all on your own
A member of the human race and all alone
Answerable only to yourself and society
And solely responsible for your destiny
The Bible
But The Almighty God says 'My child you are Mine
Made by Me and portraying My image divine
Moulded and fashioned by My tender, loving care
Part of My family and My kingdom you'll share'

Where am I?
At the top of the evolutionary tree
On a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy
You will not always occupy that topmost space
As evolution continues to take its place
The Bible
'You are so precious and important to Me
So special that I gave My life to set you free
And Now You're walking along the heavenly way
On your journey home to Me', we hear our God say

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 1, 2012

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