Gordon Jerome

Confrontation 'Lasso Lou' - Poem by Gordon Jerome

Hey there cowhand come join the crew
And I’ll tell you a story about a man I knew
He could ride all day in this blazing sun
Then ride night herd till the job was done
He sat tall in his saddle lean and true
That my fine friend was Ole Lasso Lou
I recall a drive just a few years back
And how Lou scared off an Injun attack
We had set up camp just below this hill
When all around us became quiet and still
Bout the time we realized we were not alone
Is when the Injuns made their presence known
When they topped the hill they were riding fast
But to our surprise they rode right past
Shaking and screaming as they passed on thru
And right on their tale was Ole Lasso Lou
He’d been riding drag for several days
Eating mouthfuls of dust roundin up strays
From head to toe he was dusted all white
I tell ya Ole Lou was one heck of a sight
He had a bleached steer scull a top his head
And his horses face appeared to be red
He was shaking his fist and screaming loud
At the Injuns who were now a fading dust cloud
Later round the fire as we sat eating stew
That’s when we heard the story from Lasso Lou
Seems early that day is when it all begun
When Ole Lasso decided he’d have some fun
He had found the scull a few miles back
And had just stuffed it in his saddle pack
He was going to keep it as a souvenir
When he heard a noise awfully near
So he parted the brush and to his surprise
Looking back at him was an Injuns eyes
Well they wrestled about and when all was thru
Ole Lou had figured out what he would do
He found the rest on the back of the hill
Watchin the herd and planning their kill
Well he rubbed red clay on his horse’s head
Donned the skull and towards them he sped
When he broke thru the brush into the clear
He saw the faces on the Injuns fill with fear
They slapped their ponies and off they ran
With Lou keeping up the best he can
He chased them Injuns over the hill
And as scarred as they were their runnin still
That day another part of the legend grew
Of the man we all call Ole Lasso Lou.
“closing thought”
Assess life’s problems that come at you
And with a little planning you’ll know what to do

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

Poem Edited: Friday, August 20, 2010

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