Kurt Kacich

Conquering The Ocean Of Grieving - Poem by Kurt Kacich

I can feel the tide tossing me further,
Into this sea of grieving, my boat is pushed into the storm,

I row faster but my body can’t take the pain,
For how I wish the tide will forever flow peacefully the same,
The mercy of my emotions never stay tame,

The waves from the mighty wind hovers over me,
I’m stuck in the middle of life’s ocean reaching for the shore of glee,
For the waters are too high, the shore I’m destined for I’m blind to see,

These tides are raging faster by the minute, how I wish they were calm,
I feel faith is leaving from the clenched fist inside my palm,
The storm rages with me in the middle from dusk to dawn,

But for a whole day it seemed I’ve survived,
And through inner strength my faith is revived,
Although my boat is shattered, into the ocean of grieving I’ll dive,

In the most fierce of storms I’ve decided I’ll swim,
With no direction in nightfall the path ahead of me is dim,
As I stroke further and further in this battle of emotion I’m seeking the win,

The waves chase me as I swim for the shore,
In this ocean of grieving it feels I’m sprinting to the light without the floor,
I keep swimming as obstacles stand in front of me in galore,

Finally I can see the destined land,
The raging waves are broken from the strength of my hands,
But I realized the war isn’t over until I reach the sand,

Finally I reach the place I was destined for,
The tide calms, and quickly the depression is washed off of me as I lay ashore,
The sun rises, and the darkness vanishes when I realized I won this war.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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