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Contemplating Death

Rating: 4.7

Many things can take away
The hope we have on earth.
The losing of a job, a home,
Disease, sickness, worse.

To live a life of poverty.
To stumble into drugs.
To victimize a younger child.
To search and search for love.

But there is not a hopelessness
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My spirit does not fear death anymore because I live with strong faith. But death is a serious issue that few discuss, until it is too late. Some never have a chance to until it is upon them, or someone they love.

This poem is part of my chapbook 'Death Fragments: Shard 1' in which I share, through poetry and prose (mine and others) , deep and profound thoughts about dying. Why? Because as I say at the end of my chapbook, ...to accept is to explore, to wonder, to ponder and to integrate. I hope 'Death Fragments' has helped you to start your quest for peace with the inevitable, for it's not if, but when...

I believe that if at all possible, it's good to die knowing that I've helped others in some way, or tried to. I feel that my good deeds will go on to live and replicate, for as long as the world continues to stand.
Patricia Grantham 23 August 2013

Death is the great leveler of all humanity. It is a part of life and we all must walk that path. Hopefully we will live a life that is pleasing and be a comfort to others. God will see us through. Nice write.

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Sj Holland 08 August 2013

@Khairul Ahsan Thank you for reading. Yes, the thoughts of others about this poem are comforting too. So kind of you to call it a deft piece of work. And notes, I like including them because they interest some readers. I'm happy to reach out to others. I'm glad that I've confirmed some of your recent thoughts. I'm sure this poem was meant for you. Take care and see you around.

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Khairul Ahsan 08 August 2013

It's a joy to read the comments of the other poets here too, and your replies thereto.

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R.j. Wynn 08 August 2013

It's just beautiful, really, I mean awesome.

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Sj Holland 06 August 2013

@Brian Skyers Thanks for visiting and appreciating my work. I'm glad it helped you to have a quiet time.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 26 March 2019

Our hope is established on Earth. To live life of poverty is so sad. We should live life of dignity with cooperation, love and care. But there is always every chance. We have to chose right and proceed. This poem is an excellent poem very brilliantly penned.10

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Terry Craddock 12 June 2016

Death Realities Awaits Behind Curtain Call death is a curtain prelude to new beginnings a transition point into a heaven of new realities an awareness of spun life ripple consequences ripe reaped fruit eaten in fullness of time mists Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'Contemplating Death' by the poet Sandi Holland. Dedicated to the poet Sandi Holland.

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Terry Craddock 12 June 2016

death is a prelude to a new beginning, a transition point into a heaven of new realities, an awareness of life ripple consequences, reaped fruit eaten in the fullness of time

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Howard Savage 08 June 2016

Serious poem, the enemy will always put the thought of death in one's mind but it's just there for you to destroy yourself. For the enemy knows that if he can get to take your life you want receive the blessing that is soon to come. I don't worry about death for it will find you where ever you are, so as for me, I am busy living until it comes. Lets get busy living friend.

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Howard Savage 06 January 2016

Great poem of emotion and reality. There is always a chance to right the wrong. For he that is joined to the living have hope.

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